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December 10, 2013

services for authorsDear author, welcome to the Italian website which promotes your books in Italy and Europe.

As you know,  Italy is the world Home of literature and nowadays it is  fundamental you get also mentioned on an Italian literary blog in order to start your career as a writer.

On this website, among others, you may get the following services:

  •  editorial review  ( this service is available for new, unpublished, published and established  authors)
  • a press release about your book to be published within 24 working hours on our website, namely   soon after your payment.
  • translation into the Italian language of your book.
  • your book added to an Italian library.

This book promotion site also offers you the entire reading of your book and an honest review about it. If you want, the review will be published on this website,  on our social media profiles and widespread through our newsletter.

These services are very helpful  to boost the audience of your book and to improve your career.

You may also ask us to evaluate the draft of your unpublished book!

Our promotional package for authors includes:

  • editorial review
  • press release
  • social sharing
  • interview.

If your book has just been released, you may also ask us to add it to the new release page.

For further information,  please write on the contact form.

To order our book promotion services,  go here , to order translations into Italian or editing services for books translated into Italian, submit your book here.


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