Review The Retreat Mark Edwards
Best sellers , Book reviews / September 23, 2019

The Retreat is the best psychological thriller of 2019 written by British novelist Mark Edwards. Here, I wrote my review about this gripping thriller. First of all, you must know that the book has been released only last year, on May, 2018 and already has had tons of positive customer reviews on Amazon. I am also one of these customers, but I wrote and published my review on my book site, not on Amazon. I bought the Kindle edition of The Retreat, only a month ago. Although The Retreat has a length of 356 pages, I read it in one breath. It is true that I read many books, but when I devour a book in a few days, only, it is because the story is compelling and masterly written. Page after page, chapter after chapter, I has been dragged in the scary world of Mark Edwards, a novelist who writes psychological thrillers in which dark things happen to ordinary people. The Retreat seems a horror novel, but it is more than that. It is a mystery written with the style of Agatha Christie, where all of the characters are guilt, but none is never really guilt. The entire gloomy…

Review of The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead
Best sellers , Book reviews / March 21, 2018

This book made me come to my mind the following quote: it is easier breaking atoms than prejudices. This quote was said by Albert Einstein many years ago, but matches perfectly with the sharp meaning of this novel titled The Underground Railroad. The author is Colson Whitehead, namely the winner of Pulitzer prize and National Book Award 2017. His novel has been the only book to win these prizes during the past twenty years. If you are a new author,  I  guess you are wondering: why my colleague has won these prizes and I didn’t? The reply is in my book review. Read it, whether you are a book lover or an aspiring novelist. The novel tells about the story of a black woman, Cora, enslaved in the cotton farms in the US, during the XIX century. Cora was born on this plantation and is a black slave like her parents, siblings and friends. They endure inhuman job conditions and inhuman treatments by their masters. If they try escaping, they are severely punished or, rather, hanged on the trees like a warning for other slaves. Yes, this is the appalling literary description of the age of black slavery in the…

Review The Book Thief Markus Zusak
Best sellers , Book reviews / September 14, 2017

This book is a great lesson about love and charity. Those are not only the ones we must practice in our daily life, but the rare gifts that a few persons met in a harsh historical time, such as the one of the Second World War. I am talking about The Book Thief, one the most poignant and heartfelt novels of our contemporary age. I read the Italian edition of the novel, written by Markus Zusak, translated into Italian by Gian M. Giughese and released in Italy by Frassinelli publisher, with the title Storia di una ladra di libri.  The Twentieth Century Fox has also made a great movie from this great and touching story. The Book Thief, is a novel talking about books and generosity, but it is also a narration told through the sinister voice of the death. Yes, it is just the death the main character of the book, a first person voice describing all it sees in the various chapters of the novel. As I said, the background is the early stage of the Second world war. We are in the late 1930s in Germany, during the Nazism, and the government of Adolf Hitler. The Fuhrer…

Review The Butterfly Sister Amy Gail Hansen
Best sellers , Book reviews / July 24, 2017

My eyes are still glued to this book, rather, I left my eyes glued to the pages of this novel. I am reviewing The Butterfly Sister by Amy Gail Hansen. I read the Italian edition titled “ Il libro delle verità nascoste”, translated by Stefano Beretta.   In reality, the Italian title has not to do with the one in English, that should be translated into “La Sorella della Farfalla”. However, the Italian title, that in English should have been translated into “The book of the hidden truths” is an excellent mystery to read on the beach. Released in 2013 in the US, this novel has immediately gained an international success. Just think, this is the debut novel of a freelance journalist who lives in Chicago. In 2012, the author sent the manuscript to one among the most important American literary agents. The agent was immediately delighted by this reading and submitted the manuscript to several publishers. Harper Collins gained the rights to release the book and in 2013 the novel was released internationally in nearly twenty countries including Italy. In my country, the international translation rights were acquired by one the most influential Italian publishers, namely Garzanti. Well, now…

Review of The Silence of the Wave by Gianrico Carofiglio
Best sellers , Book reviews / October 24, 2016

This book gave me goose bumps and I have also felt shivers along my spine during the reading. I am reviewing a book titled The Silence of the Wave. I read the Italian edition titled Il silenzio dell’onda.This fictional work has been written by the Italian famous writer Giarnico Carofiglio. This is a bestselling author with his books translated in over 20 languages all over the world. The Silence of the wave  tells about another unforgettable Carofiglio’s character, namely Roberto Marìas, a partially retired policeman who every Monday and Thursday goes to a psychiatrist to heal a severe mental disorder due to his job. In the past, in fact, Roberto worked as an undercover officer in charge of hunting dangerous criminals, drug smugglers and mafia bosses. During this task, Roberto became a friend of criminals and pretended to be like them, but after a certain moment, Roberto has had difficulties to keep this role because he realized how much ugly and nasty the world is. Roberto, indeed, saw many awful things while he worked as an undercover officer: fat and smelly drug traffickers accustomed to rape little girls during disgusting parties along with their friends, killers that to discharge their…

Review of The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair by Joel Dicker
Best sellers , Book reviews / September 14, 2016

This is the first time I write a review where I have no words to describe the book. Really, it is the mere truth, I read this book only in a week, a book which is over 700 pages and now I have no words to say about this book. I am discussing about the novel written by the Swiss author Joel Dicker and titled The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair. The original version of the book was written in French in 2013 and later was translated into most of languages all over the world. This is the kind of book called Best seller. Indeed, the author sold millions of copies all around the world and now I am here, on this Italian literary blog without words to tell about a best seller book! I am telling all this because that is not a bad book, but an excellent mystery novel written by a very young author. When Joel Dicker wrote this book, indeed, it was only 28 years old! Hence, you can be a successful writer also when you are young! The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair became a successful book thanks to word mouth. However, I…

Review of The Homecoming by Carsten Stroud
Best sellers , Book reviews , Horror / August 10, 2016

Welcome to Niceville, the village inhabited by evil. I can’t help but introduce this book with these words, because the story starts just in an apparently quiet American town where, suddenly, people become evil and commit awful deeds. I am reviewing The Homecoming, the book 2 included in the Niceville trilogy written by Carsten Stroud, a Canadian bestselling author who lived in the United States, also. I read the Italian edition of this book titled “ I confini del nulla” and translated by Michele Fiume. However, I would translate the title into English as “The borders of nothingness ”.   And what are these evil borders, the ones you find in Niceville, when a day an airplane fell on the village and where a team of common people robbed a bank overnight? Yes, it is evil in Niceville, but there are also the policeman Nick and her wife Kate, a lawyer who is taking care of a stranger boy called Rainey Teague, the latest descendant of a mysterious and ancient family who lived in Niceville before the Second World War. Rainey has been kidnapped and found by the policemen in a nearby cave, buried in a grave, but still alive….

The Islamic Antichrist by Joel Richardson
Best sellers , Press Releases / July 18, 2016

France, one the most ancient European countries has endured three terrorist attacks during this year. Why? Why many helpless victims? Apparently there are no explanations to all this blind and cruel violence. But when a tragedy happens, an underlying explanation always is. For this reason I invite all my readers to read a shocking book that will open our mind the dreadful secrets of the Islamic fundamentalism. The book is titled The Islamic Antichrist and is the fruit of a deep research conducted by its author Joel Richardson, a bestselling writer of the New York Times. In this book, the author compares the greatest and most important religions of the world: Christian and Islam, by starting to analyze some sharp verses of the Bible and the Korano. The Bible predicts that in the last days a charismatic leader will take the world power in the name of peace. The Koran predicts the same thing. In The Bible the leader is the Antichrist, while in the Korano it is called Madhi. But the Antichrist and Madhi are the same person, they have the same identity and nature… They are The Beast and indeed the book is subtitled: The Shocking Truth about…

Review of Bingo’s Run by James A. Levine
Best sellers , Book reviews , Fiction / October 8, 2015

Sometimes, life holds bad experiences, and when these happen, we can’t help but running. This is the great and deep meaning of a bestseller book titled  Bingo’s Run, by James A. Levine. The author is a famous American doctor that cooperated with ONU and FAO to help people, above all children, in Africa. Thanks to his experience and intimate knowledge of African troubles, Levine developed the high skill to write fiction books and novels which seem nearly true, almost biographical. This novel is, indeed, the story of Bingo, a Kenyan boy affected from a growth disorder. Despite he is 15 years old, he looks like a ten year child. This is his best luck and misfortune simultaneously, because Bingo lost his entire family, the father missed, and the mother stabbed by Lupo, a sort of African mafia boss who smuggles drug, or rather “the white” as Bingo calls the substance, namely heroin. Bingo works, indeed, as a drug runner for the murderer of his mother. And this is the most poignant side of the story, because when a person, above all, a child, loses everything in a very poor Country like Africa, he is forced to do anything to survive…