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Advicesbooks Book Reviews is one of the four websites founded by Rosalba Mancuso (see the image), independent journalist born in Sicily. Rosalba writes and translates from English to Italian and has worked as a contributor for Italian websites, newspapers and magazines.

She has been in the writing industry since 1994, and, often, her content has been used as a source of news by Wikipedia.

Due to the fact that Rosalba Mancuso is a European writer who writes in English and Italian, she is also an excellent bridge to connect authors and writers with Italian and European readers, journalists and publishers, but also Italian authors with an Anglo – Saxon audience.

For this purpose, Rosalba Mancuso writes book reviews in English and Italian and she can also help you get your first book review in Italy and Europe or abroad. Rosalba Mancuso does reviews for any literary genres (erotica excluded).

To discover more about her professional service of editorial book reviews having the high potential to expose your book in Europe, go to this page.

Rosalba also believes this book review site can be very useful to readers who look for books in English and Italian recommended by an Italian book lover like her.

Indeed, an old proverb says that reading and writing make life better.

For this reason, Rosalba wants to give you advice and tips about the books she read and loved. In this Italian book site, readers and writers may find advice and reviews about essays, novels, biographical books, horror, fiction, children’s books and more.

Book lovers follow this book review site and turned it into their favourite international bookstore, by now.

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