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Today, there are few writers who are able to mix poetry and prose. When this happens, we come across very talented authors such as Nicole I. Nesca, the Canadian writer who, through her work Let It Bleed, retraces the style of Sylvia Plath and the music themes of Patty Smith.

Released in 2020, the book is now available to European readers who look for seductive and unconventional stories.

Let It Bleed is the lyric about a woman searching for her own role in this often hard and controversial contemporary world.

It is the story of a wife who bleeds in the body and in her soul.

She underwent a hysterectomy, a surgical intervention where the uterus gets removed.

This pivotal part of the woman’s body becomes hence a symbol of a new femininity, where the symptom of bleeding turns into an inner scream of grief and deliverance that gives rise to the most beautiful verses of this book.

In Let It Bleed everything starts with the sudden hemorrhage of the main character, the call for help and the subsequent hospitalization.

However, this apparent mutilation does not prevent this woman from pursuing her own happiness and the related things that arise from it, such as sex, love, truth and liberation from the imposed roles that have plagued millions of women over the centuries.

In this scenery, Let It Bleed represents the testament of a new generation of women without predefined roles or identity, but with the only aim of being themselves, with the own dignity, and, above all, with their legit sense of freedom.

In a minimalist stream of verses, sharp statements and short words, Nicole Nesca paves, thus, the way to a literary style of free – flowing, which coincides with the street literature, such as happened during the legendary years of The Beatles, when girls wore miniskirts and bell-bottom trousers. That was the epoch of the sexual revolution, especially from the end of women, who claimed the right to have sex for pleasure and not only for the desire to conceive a child.

Because, even when you don’t have the uterus and can’t have children, you always remain a woman, as important as every human being who walks on this Earth.

About the Author

Nicole I. Nesca is a Canadian poet and writer who lives in Winnipeg along with her soulmate Tony Nesca, who is also a writer. As Tony, Nicole writes and self-publishes her own works that include poetry, novels and short stories.

The literary style of Nicole Nesca is internationally appreciated and recognized by the most refined literary criticism. Her writing style is defined as “… emotionally uncensored, free-flow machine-gun prose and poetry that is cathartic and kink-ready with a lime green twist in your gin and tonic…”.

Together, Nicole and Tony Nesca authored and self-published 18 titles.


Book Title: Let it Bleed

Author: Nicole I. Nesca

Official Website: https://screamingskullpress.net/

Amazon Link to buy the book: https://amzn.to/4b10spV

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