Review To Find: The Search For Meaning In Life On The Gringo Trail J.R. Klein
Biography , Book reviews / March 25, 2020

That is a book about a travel experience which turns into a spiritual journey. If I would have read this literary work in a different time, I would have recommended it to travel lovers, but today, in these hard days and after diving into the wonderful remembrances of the author, I can absolutely say that this book is for everybody, especially for those who are struggling with fear, panic and grief. The story is about the quest for a new way of living. And that is my review about the book titled: To Find: The Search For Meaning In Life On The Gringo Trail. The work is a heartfelt memoir written by J.R. Klein about his travel through Mexico and Central America in 1980. The writing style is poetical, such as a fiction book, even though is true like the experience the author narrated. At the beginning of the story, the author, who chooses to be called Alex, is a science student in the United States. He has a girlfriend, but he does not feel fulfilled. We are in the 1980s; Alex feels emptiness in his life and, to get rid by his inner suffering, decides to start an adventurous…

Review of Henry by Katrina Shawver
Biography , Book reviews / November 13, 2017

Once, one person said to me: aren’t you bored to read books about the Holocaust? I replied No, I will never bored to read books about this topic. I will always read books about the Holocaust and continue reading them, over and over again, to not forget and to find a forgiveness motivation. For this reason, I have also been highly honoured to receive and read this book for review. I am discussing about Henry , a first person memoir written by Katrina Shawver, a talented and skilled Polish journalist living in the US. It was just in the US the author met the main character of this biography, namely Henry Zguda, a Polish swimmer deported to Auschwitz during the Second World War. He was deported only for a unique reason: he was Polish. From this stage, Katrina starts a painful and poignant account about one the most cruel epochs of the past century: the Nazi deportation. As soon as I read the most touching chapters of the book, I started crying and I was still crying while I wrote this review. Yes, I cried, and my tears slipped along my cheeks, remembering what Henry, the Jews and other prisoners…

Review Adderall Blues Brian J Robinson
Biography , Book reviews / October 16, 2017

When I started reading this book, I didn’t consider it very seriously. Indeed, the first chapters were too private and they seemed like a personal confession you can easily find on your Facebook timeline. However, when I continued reading, I discovered an enjoyable, helpful and interesting autobiography about a still unknown and scarcely explored mental disorder, namely ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder). I am talking about Adderall Blues by Brian J. Robinson. Many children and adults are affected by this disorder, but often, many of them remain untreated. The author is just a former child suffering from ADHD. In the book, Brian tells about his difficulties at school and his relationship with friends, teachers and parents. I really admired his strong courage and availability to talk about his disorder and about the most intimate consequences coming from it. Yes, the first chapters were too personal and private, but the core of the book and the further developments delivered me a great and heartfelt memoir to deepen the pros and cons about living with a mental disorder. Above all, in his relationship with teachers and parents, the author brilliantly showed some clues and causes of this disorder, namely a wrong setting of our…

The best biography book on Grace Kelly
Biography , Book list / August 28, 2017

What is the best biography book on Grace Kelly? If you don’t know, the Princess of Monaco was the symbol of the fashion of the past century. She was also a very famous American actress, even directed by the great movie director Alfred Hitchcock. Many of her movies are still unforgettable, such as Rear Window (1954). The life of Grace Kelly changed suddenly a couple of years later, when she met and married the prince of Monaco, Rainier. After this marriage, she became the Princess of this little European realm, a real wife and a mother and became well known as America’s Princess. She died in 1982, after a car accident. Her death is still surrounded by mystery, because Princess Grace was only slightly injured by this car accident. Indeed, she died some days later at the hospital in Monaco from cerebral hemorrhage. Since then, many journalists and criminologists have claimed the thesis of a secret plot to kill the Princess. However, Grace Kelly was and is a real icon of the style of the XX century, for her legendary life and her equally legendary love story with Rainier of Monaco. In reality, the truth about the life and the…

Unexpected America by Wanjiru Warama
Biography , Press Releases / February 27, 2017

During his political campaign, the new President of the United States said: “We’ll make America great again”. This sentence was also the slogan who led President Donald Trump to win the presidential election. This sentence includes a great dream, namely a better life and a better future in the United States, a great Country, really, which people always regarded as the home of freedom and democracy. How many times, people dreamt to flee the United States looking for a new job and a new life and above all, how many people hoped to escape poverty and misery relocating to the US? Many times, surely. Behold, this is a book about this dream, this is an excellent memoir about an American dream broken very soon. This is “Unexpected America“, the biographical book written by Wanjiru Warama, an African author who studied in an American School in Kenya and that, years ago, made an important decision: go to the United States. Yes, she was a migrant, one among tons of migrant who every day get on board of unsafe ships to go to Europe, especially in Italy, maybe near the Sicilian coasts.

Books to read for the memory days
Biography / January 27, 2017

On January, 27, 1945, the Soviet troops opened the gates of the concentration camp at Auschwitz. The opening of the gates showed the horror of the Nazi genocide to the entire world. From then, this date and the following days have been remembered as the memory days. In these days, every year, people remember the victims of the Holocaust. This event is the most awful of the history. Just over the following years, the extermination perpetrated by the Nazis has been told through many books. I have also reviewed some of these books and for this reason this year I didn’t want to show other books about this topic, because my purpose is the one to suggest quality books only. I have already reviewed memoirs about the deportation of Jews and I always cry when read them. I am always deeply touched by these stories which witness the immense suffering of innocent people, arrested, tortured and killed by crazy people for no reason. Unfortunately, the Holocaust is a part of our history and our past and it would be extremely wrong to forget reading books about this painful topic. Indeed, books teach and open our mind and it is still…

A book to heal schizophrenia
Biography , Essays / January 16, 2017

Dear reader, if you landed on this website it is because you are looking for help or because you are seeking for a good solution to heal your mental disorder. Maybe you hear voices in your mind or whispers or still worse, you feel as if a demon entered into your soul and ordered you to commit bad deeds. Don’t worry about these thoughts, because you are not possessed by demons or bad spirits, but only by a mental disease well known as schizophrenia. As all mental disorders, schizophrenia is as a diabolic labyrinth which can destroy your career, your life and your friendships, but it can do this if you let it act inside you. You must know that there are millions of people in the world affected from schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorders. And not only, people struggle daily with other mental diseases, from depression to anxiety. These mental illnesses may heal if people and especially you, who are reading this post, have the capacity to undertake a healing path made of awareness and strong will to live. Thanks to God, nowadays there are more effective therapies to keep schizophrenia and the other schizoaffective disorders under control , along…

The confidential files of Michael Jackson by Damian Iwueke
Biography , Press Releases / November 15, 2016

Nearly eight years after his death, this new book by Damian Iwueke released in October 2016 and titled The Confidential Files of Michael Jackson offers a nuanced portrait of Michael Jackson the late King of Pop. The book analyzed Jackson’s brutal encounter with the media and makes the case that Jackson was misinterpreted, humiliated and reduced to been a paedophile by the media so that they could sell newspapers. The book highlighted how Rupert Murdoch owner of many British tabloids and mainstream newspapers through the work of one of his editors at the time, Rebekah Brooks benefitted from the lies his tabloids printed about Michael Jackson when the singer was alive and upon his death.The book also detailed how tabloids survive on blackmail and extortion. British and American tabloids such as the defunct News of the World, Sun on Sunday, The Sun, The Mirror, The People, Daily Star and the National Enquirer among others were all savaged in equal manner. Without fear, many other powerful individuals including Michael’s sister LaToya Jackson were also indicted as contributing to the downfall of Michael Jackson. And with no holds barred, the author pointed out that President Barrack Obama, due to political correctness and out…

Review of The Rabbit House by Laura Alcoba
Biography , Book reviews / September 21, 2016

The Times defined this book awesome, wonderful, beautiful. That is not a fiction, but a memoir, a touching memoir about an historical event that people should never forget: the dictatorship in Argentina in 1975. The book is titled The Rabbit House. I read the Italian edition titled: La bambina della casa dei conigli. The author is an Argentine writer: Laura Alcoba. This is an unforgettable memoir about a betrayed and injured country, Argentina, that in the early 1970s endured a cruel military dictatorship. This is a book about the so called “desaparecidos”, namely missed people or rather people kidnapped, tortured and killed because they hampered the rise of dictatorship. The author is just the daughter of a couple of opponents of the regime military. During those happenings, Laura was a little girl, she indeed was seven years old. Her family joined a team of opponents of the dictatorship and for this reason, along with other fellows, they hide in a typography disguised as a farm where rabbits were grown and sold. The girl called that place the house of rabbits. But even there, it was not easy to live and hide because betrayers and spies were anywhere. To prevent them…