Proven method to sell books in Italy
Book marketing , Book promotion / August 7, 2017

As announced earlier, today I want to reveal a proven method to really sell books, especially your book in Italy. You can use this method to sell your novel abroad, also. Unfortunately, I don’t believe this way is helpful to sell your book in your own country and not even online or on the Social networks. When I revealed this shocking truth on Facebook, a couple of months, ago, anonymous people and unknown authors, who are always busy to post messages about their books on the Social networks, attacked and offended me heavily. Now, I don’t want to argue that the social promotion is a bad method to promote books, but it is a not proven method to really sell copies of your book. Why? You can’t sell your book on the social because you are an unknown author, while the books which generate high sales are the ones written by famous authors, such as Ken Follett , John Grisham, Stephen King. Strangely, they became very famous a lot of time before the arrival of the Internet and the Social networks. This is the first evidence of the pointlessness of book promotion on the social networks. If you hope to…

Come vendere l’edizione inglese dei libri all’estero
Book marketing / June 19, 2017

Avete in mano l’edizione tradotta del vostro libro e vorreste venderla all’estero?  Come funziona? Ma, soprattutto, come si vendono i libri all’estero? Questa è la domanda più gettonata dagli scrittori esordienti. Tutti sognano di vendere all’estero, tutti si chiedono come si fa e per dirla alla Gigi Marzullo, tutti si fanno domande, cercando una risposta che probabilmente non sarà facile trovare. Si troveranno consigli e blog che spiegano come vendere un libro all’estero, ma mai contenuti che dicano la verità su come si venda davvero un libro all’estero. In italiano o in inglese, comunque, i libri si vendono solo quando si trovano lettori interessati a comprare quella determinata opera letteraria. Questa regola vale sia per gli autori indipendenti, che per quelli tradizionalmente pubblicati. Gli autori tradizionalmente pubblicati, però, vendono più facilmente all’estero perché un editore ha deciso che valeva la pena scommettere sulla loro opera, l’ha pubblicata, sponsorizzata su radio, giornali e tv ed ha fatto il modo che questa vendesse migliaia (o milioni di copie) nell’edizione italiana. Questo successo, poi, ha attirato l’interesse degli editori stranieri, che hanno deciso di acquistare i diritti di traduzione dell’opera (pagandoli all’editore italiano), di tradurla, promuoverla  e di venderla nel loro paese. Perché…

Video book promotion to sell books online
Book marketing , Book promotion / January 11, 2017

Book promotion is perhaps the most challenging work for authors and writers who try to sell online books. Especially nowadays, where people are more and more engaged to share comments and futility on the social networks. Amid all this stuff, is it possible to get the attention of readers, yet? My reply is yes, it is effectively possible, as long as authors are willing to find new ways to capture the interest of their audience. Today, with the Internet at its fullest, what are the limits of book promotion? The main limit is the fact that the online readers love visual content more than the written one. Let’s try to take a look at the social shares of videos and we’ll find awesome figures, with a mountain of social shares. For videos, the social share average is very high, absolutely remarkable, I am forced to admit. If a written content gets 10 or 20 social shares, a video gets 1000 times the most, at least! What this means for your career as an author? It means that if you learn to promote your book also with visual content, you can draw a strong pathway along your career as a writer….

Marketing editoriale libri italiani all’estero
Book marketing / July 15, 2016

Hai appena ottenuto la traduzione in inglese del tuo romanzo e vorresti promuoverlo all’estero? Leggi attentamente questo post per sapere come funziona il marketing editoriale di un libro all’estero. In questa sede trattiamo proprio il tema del marketing editoriale per autori (ed editori) che vogliono promuovere libri nei paesi stranieri. MARKETING EDITORIALE: COS’E’? Il termine indica una strategia che sostanzialmente consiste nel promuovere un libro per fini di vendita. Come ogni prodotto, anche il libro il più delle volte viene scritto per essere venduto e magari per guadagnare qualcosa dalle proprie fatiche letterarie e di scrittura. Purtroppo, però, a causa delle radicali trasformazioni del mondo editoriale e dell’avvento di internet e del self-publishing, molti ottimi libri registrano pochissime vendite e nel peggiore dei casi, anche nessuna vendita! Perché tutto questo? Semplice: perché nessuno li conosce o si è mai accorto della loro esistenza. Per portare i lettori alla conoscenza di un determinato libro serve un accurato piano di marketing editoriale, in parole povere: fare pubblicità al proprio libro. FARE PUBBLICITA’ A UN LIBRO: E’ ETICO? Nella stragrande maggioranza dei casi, quando gli autori, siano essi emergenti o famosi, sentono di dover spendere dei soldi per promuovere il loro romanzo, storcono…

How to sell books in a few days
Book marketing , Book promotion / September 16, 2015

When I publish a new article about book promotion, the questions that authors ask the most are: how to sell books and how to earn money by selling books? First of all, you must know that book sales are not easy on the web. Social networks are by now too much crowded and the chances to see your post about your new book for sale, exhibited for free, are more and more diminishing. The framework is murky and very worrying, but despite all, if you have decided to earn money selling your books, you had better to follow this short tutorial. WEB RESEARCH ABOUT THE READERS PREFERENCES Before selling a book, you must carry out a depth web research about the preferences of your potential readers. Try, for instance, to ask questions to your friends on Facebook or on other social networks about what books they like reading, then, collect all replies you got and act consequently in compliance with these same replies. Even though readers read very few books nowadays, they frequently read essays on answers which are impossible to be found on the Web. Hence, the secret to sell books, also in a few days, is to know…

The most important topics and strategies to sell books
Book marketing , Book promotion / December 9, 2014

What are the bestseller books? Advicesbooks will try to answer this question through an interesting stat prepared for its authors, readers, friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Visiting the foremost Internet bookshops, we noticed that readers often buy horror and fantasy books, this list is followed by supernatural books, fiction novels, romance and biographical books, essays, how to books and tutorials.   The reasons of these choices are very easy: essay books, guides and tutorials are easy to be found freely on websites, blogs and web magazines, while a long novel is most often found and bought only in a bookshop, both off and online. This stat makes you realize that if you want to write easy books to sell, you must mainly focus on the topics that are most liked by readers. But this strategy is not always effective to sell a book. The parameters that influence book sales are very various and strange and not always detectable or explainable. Sometimes, it may happen an apparently unmeaning book has great results in terms of sales. This consideration can be very frustrating for those who are capable to write good and depth books. And so, why does a bad…

An original idea to sell books
Book marketing , Literature News / October 8, 2012

To get fame and glory one person does anything, Even to sell  books. The original idea I am going to reveal in this post is really one and original in its type. That is a book written with an ink that deletes automatically after three months. Is it possible to exist a book with an expiration term? My answer is Yes!   The idea come from an Argentine publisher who released a book that deletes after a very few months. This initiative is provocative and serves to stimulate people to buy and read many books. The “magic” book, that expires if you don’t read within three months, is called: “Future is not ours” and is written by eight young South American authors. Readers have not appreciate this idea, but as his publisher said, it is only a provocation to made known these new authors. This book is written with a particular ink that deletes for the contact with air and solar light. One of the book authors, Oliverio Coehlio , said: “ The purpose is the reader have not to leave the book; it is a way to understand that reading is a need impossible to delay”. Naturally, the ink…