Review of Origin by Dan Brown
Book reviews , Fiction / December 10, 2018

Origin is the latest book written by the famous novelist Dan Brown. That is the seventh thriller novel and the fifth with Robert Langdon as a protagonist.  If you want to know more about this novel, read my review. I read this novel in the past weeks, in one breath. I never read the other books by Dan Brown, but only seen the movies. Well, after reading Origin, I think that the movie directors or screen players didn’t read the novels by Dan Brown before shooting the movies. I don’t like the movies drawn from Dan Brown’s novels, but I liked Origin, very much! Why? Continue reading my review to better know my opinion about the book. I just said that Origin, is a masterpiece because it is a perfect novel. The plot is perfect, writing style is perfect, the underlying meaning is perfect. Let’s start from the plot. Plot The plot of Origin, is closely intertwined with the most current topics of our modern world. These topics are perfectly linked to the subtopics of Religion and Science. The main fictional characters of the book by Dan Brown are Edmond Kirsch, an atheist, billionaire, futurologist, and Robert Langdon. The latter,…

Review the Missing Girl by Jenny Quintana
Book reviews , Fiction / September 12, 2018

The Missing Girl is the debut novel by Jenny Quintana. The Kindle edition of this mystery thriller has been released on September 1, 2018, while the paperback will be available on September 20, 2018. And yet, the book is already a best seller  regarded as the most addictive mystery novel of the year. How it was possible? Read my review to discover it. The Missing Girl is unusually and fully different from other mystery novels. The plot tells about a girl missed over thirty years ago, Gabriella, and her sister Anna, who is unable to forget this shocking missing. It was 1982 when Gabriella missed from her town. She never came back home from the school. The two sisters, Anna and Gabriella, felt a deep affection each other. Their relationship was full of attention and caring. The world of Anna falls apart after the missing of her sister and the author has described this emotion very well. The novel shows all of the whole grief of the loss, as it can happen in every family. But Anna’s family is not like the others. What is obvious for the other families of the village, is not the same for her family….

Review of Invisible by James Patterson and David Ellis
Book reviews , Fiction / July 23, 2018

Invisible by James Patterson and David Ellis is a novel with the same style of the Tv series called Criminal Minds. That is a mystery thriller that I read with no real interest at first. The mystery is not my favourite genre, but as soon as I read and browsed the first page, I have been forced to change my mind. Here is why you should read my review about Invisible . Let’s start from the plot. Invisible is set in the US, where an arsonist sets, strange fires arranged as if they were blasted by chance. The fires made many victims. Among them, there is also Marta, the Twin sister of FBI analyst Emmy Dockery. She is obsessed with finding the killer who burned the sister, but everybody thinks she is crazy, excluding her ex-boyfriend, field agent Harrison Bookman, named Books. He believes that there is a connection among murders, rapes and fires spread everywhere in the Country. He is right. There is a dangerous serial killer in the US. He is Winston Graham, an unmarried, lonely man with no woman, friends and children, living in a secluded farm, far away from the city. He chats with a woman,…

Review of Munich by Robert Harris
Book reviews , Fiction / March 8, 2018

This book is the brightest example about how a traditionally published author may become famous internationally. Even though this is not my favourite genre, I must admit that the book is perfect. Both in the plot and in the written language. I never read a book written in a so perfect English. Hence, about this, there are two options: or the author has a great writing talent or the editor of the traditional publisher did a great editing work. However, Robert Harris is a famous British novelist who wrote other successful novels. Due to the fact I am Italian, I don’t know much about this novelist, except that I have read the UK edition of the book whose cover summarizes the creepy and murky environment of the plot. I also know Robert Harris has written the bestseller Fatherland and the Cicero trilogy. According to The Guardian and The New York Times, Robert Harris is a real spy novel star. I don’t know even about this, but I am sure of having read a good historical novel written as a fictional story. The novel brings the early stages of the Second World War to live, but above all, it brings the…

Review The Solitude of Prime Numbers Paolo Giordano
Book reviews , Books in Italian , Fiction / February 1, 2018

Here I am with a new book review to push readers to defeat the digital alienation. That is a review about a book written in the Italian language, by Italian author Paolo Giordano. When it was released, in 2008, the book was a real best seller. It was titled La solitudine dei numeri primi. It was translated into English in 2011 with the title” The Solitude of Prime Numbers”. That is a novel about two children (first), two teens (during) and two adults (after). They are Alice and Mattia, two Italian students who endure painful vicissitudes in their lifetime, especially when they were children. Alice has been forced by her father to ski along the Italian mountains. She hates ski and a day has a severe accident that injures one of her legs. The accident causes her to limp forever. Mattia, instead, is a very clever boy, rather, a genius of mathematics. He has a disabled twin, Michela, she was born with a severe brain disease who causes her to be mentally retarded. As you can see, the first emotional impact, that made the novel an international best-seller , has been the contrast between the two twins Mattia and Michela….

Review Hellen Back The Attic Vicki Zell
Book reviews , Fiction / September 21, 2017

This is the best psychological thriller I ever read in my life. Well written, well engineered and with a very gripping plot. I am discussing about the book titled Hellen Back The Attic by Vicki Zell. I have already talked about this book in a book description accompanied by the excerpt, but only when I read it, I really appreciated the high literary value of this novel. Yes, this book is worth to be read one time, at least, and many times, also. The story is about a girl and her bad relationship with her mother. The girl is Jennifer Luck, who, in spite of her surname, is really unlucky. The mother is Merilee, a sweet name over a malevolent, bossy and cruel mother. She has kept her own daughter trapped in the attic of their home for eighteen years, with the excuse to punish her every time the girl didn’t respect the rules. When Jennifer decides to go to Kale University, Merilee approves her decision and Jennifer believes to gain a real breath of fresh air in her life, but, unfortunately she is wrong. Her mother behaves as a monster, of course, because it is not natural despising a…

Review The Ostermann House John R. Klein
Book reviews , Fiction / September 5, 2017

As soon as I have had this book in my hands and I have read the first chapters, I sniffed the scent of high literature. Rather, this is not the brightest example of high literature, this is a real masterpiece and I’ll explain this in my review. I am discussing about The Ostermann House, the mystery thriller written by American author John R. Klein. Why is this novel a literary masterpiece? Because it is written in accordance with the rules of the perfect suspense novel. It is not a horror novel, but a thriller book that could be a horror tale, seen that it contains several supernatural clues in the plot. In fact, the book tells about a couple of professors at the University, in Houston, Texas (just the place recently hit by a disastrous hurricane) who, in order to escape their challeging job at the university, decided to buy a house at the silent and apparently relaxing countryside in Krivac, a small town at a short distance from Houston. They are Michael and Audrey Felton, a very normal couple of normal people loving nature and the stillness of the American countryside. In the book, you can see suspense on…

Review of The Last Train by Michael Pronko
Book reviews , Fiction / June 12, 2017

I must admit that I am very happy when authors ask me to review their masterpieces. Behold, this is just the case in which I reviewed a real, great, unforgettable and extraordinary novel. Although I do book promotion, it does not always happen that I read so well written novels (beware: I am not saying this because I am doing book promotion, but because it is the truth). Well, after introducing this my first opinion, I highly recommend to read this book titled The Last Train , a mystery novel written by Michael Pronko. The author is an acclaimed American writer who teaches English in Tokyo, the underground, multicultural and mysterious city where the novel is set. Through this novel, I understood many secrets and things of our modern world. The Japanese city of the book is underground and gloomy, it is a city under the hurry of people who must take a train to go to work. The Last Train brings us to Tokyo of the white collars, businessmen, entrepreneurs and wealthy people who strangely commit suicide just on the platform of the train, at the main station in Tokyo. These people live only to get rich, make money…

Review of Rugìle by Fabrizio Ulivieri
Book reviews , Fiction / May 29, 2017

This is a kind of book you can read in one breath. Really. I read this work in one breath, too. In his novel, this Italian author puts his personal opinion about love, sex and life, concatenating them with a unique meaning, namely an interesting philosophy about the different universes from which we are surrounded. I am discussing about Rugìle, the new romance for adult readers written by Italian author Fabrizio Ulivieri. As just said, this is a work you could have read in a couple of days, but this is also a fast paced literary tale about sex, passion and instinct, three noticeable items of the personal life of the main character of the book: a man who can love many women simultaneously, provided that they are foreign and very young women. Through the sharp and dry description of an Italian middle aged man, this Italian author exhibited his literary talent to drag us into an apparently perverse world of sexual relationships with Asian, American and Lithuanian women, where sex is more important than love. Strangely, love is more important for the main character, an Italian, wealthy, maybe famous man, who lives in Florence. In the book, this character…