Interview with Bram Stoker
Guest Star / November 10, 2016

This month, my dear readers, authors and why not? Publishers, I want to offer you an imaginary interview with a very famous and brilliant British, rather, an Irish horror writer. Maybe he is the most famous horror writer of all times. I am saying about this, because he was the first author to create a fictional character that inspired, later, other novelists. And so, ladies and gentleman, I am discussing about the father of Dracula, the famous vampire known all over the world by every person who read a book, at least, during his/her lifetime. He is Bram Stoker. The full name of the author is in reality, Abraham Stoker, shortened into Bram. To him, in April of 2012, on the occasion of the anniversary of his death happened on April, 20, 1912, Google also dedicated an online Doodle. Now, however, it is time to talk to Mr. Bram Stoker. Howdy Mr Stocker, as usual, I am engaged again to interview a British author and I am Italian, instead! Can I ask you my questions? Sure, Mrs Rosalba Mancuso, I am a writer who is eager to be interviewed by an Italian colleague. Okay, very perfect, then, Mr Stocker. Let’s…

Interview with Rosalba Mancuso
Guest Star / September 6, 2016

On the occasion of the fourth birthday of this literary blog, Advicesbooks decided to conduct an interview with its founder, namely Rosalba Mancuso. Just four years ago, on September, 2, 2012, this literary blog started its publications. Since then, articles, reviews, interviews, press releases have been written by Rosalba Mancuso. But who is she? Rosalba Mancuso is an Italian freelance journalist who after working at Italian newspapers, magazines and blogs, has started this blog to promote literature in a double language: Italian and English. But why a literary blog and not another kind of blog? As you can see, the questions to better know Rosalba Mancuso are many and hence, I believe it is the right moment to start this interview.As I have just said, why did you found a literary blog? The reason is very simple: in my life I have worked as a journalist and I have always loved reading books. Hence, for me, the literary blog was the best solution to keep writing as a journalist in English and improve this language. Usually, indeed, I read books in English and Italian. When you started reading books in English? I started in 2010! And since then I have…

Interview with L. Vucetich
Guest Star / July 21, 2016

Eloise, The secret behind the mask marks the narrative debut of young Milanese writer L. Vucetich. 24 years old, original Italian writer with a German father, L. Vucetich also aims to conquer readers oversea. It is not a case that her novel, in addition to the Italian edition, also has an English edition. Both of them represent the first episode of a horror fantasy series enriched with emotions, magic and current topics, a genre that insiders define urban fantasy. To know more about it, we met just the author, namely her, L. Vucetich. Hi L. Tell us about the plot of your book. What he tells about exactly? Eloise, The secret behind the mask tells about a girl, Eloise, who runs away from her home as soon as she became of age, to follow the one who she believes to be her true love, Mark. Her romantic escape, turns very soon into her personal hell. Mark, indeed, forces her to prostitute herself. All the start of the story is around the life and the sufferings of the character, but also tells about the friendship with her colleague Caroline. The turn happens when she meets a mysterious customer, Lukas, whose face…

Interview with Agatha Christie
Guest Star / May 26, 2016

She is regarded as the Queen of crime and mystery. She is also the most famous writer in the world after God (who wrote the Bible) and William Shakespeare I interviewed a month ago. I am discussing about Agatha Christie, the second female novelist I met through an imaginary interview. During last months, indeed, I have mostly interviewed male famous novelists and I believe that a major room must be left to famous writer women, also. For this likewise important reason, ladies and gentlemen, I interviewed for you, by disturbing her in the heaven, Mrs. Agatha Christie, the writer who invented  mystery and unforgettable detective  Hercule Poirot. Rosalba: Mrs. Christie, I am very happy for this interview. I know you dislike publicity and gave few interviews in your life and for this, thank you so much for accepting to being interviewed by me. Agatha Christie: I dislike publicity, it is true, but I like to meet foreign writers and reviewers like you, my dear Rosalba. Rosalba: I read your biography and I know you used the last name of your husband in your novels, namely Christie. Which was your true name? Agatha Christie: My former husband, you should say. But…

Interview with William Shakespeare
Guest Star / April 22, 2016

He is regarded as the most influential writer of all times, so much that one of his colleagues defined him: “He was not of an age, but for all time.” I am talking about the superb British playwright William Shakespeare that today on occasion of the 400Th anniversary of the death happened on April 23 , 1616, I wanted to meet for my readers through an imaginary interview where we’ll find out the secret life and the works of William Shakespeare. And now, ladies and gentleman, I’ll leave you along with this interview I hope you’ll enjoy like the others I previously written. Rosalba: Mr. Shakespeare, as an Italian writer who is trying to write in English, I am really embarrassed for this interview, you are the writer who invented the English language such as Dante Alighieri invented  the Italian one in Italy and I fear to make some mistakes with my writing in English. Shakespeare: And so? Where is the problem? I am very happy for being interviewed by you. Now, forget your fears, please, and ask all you want! Rosalba: Okay Mr. Shakespeare, let’s start. I know you are famous for being the playwright to better showed the human…

Interview with Jesus Christ
Guest Star / March 21, 2016

Dear readers, on the occasion of Easter time, I decided to conduct an imaginary interview with the author of the most world famous book, namely the Bible, or rather the Gospel, one of the books forming the New testament. Even if this author did not write the book by himself, he suggested the words who other authors wrote instead of him. I am speaking about Jesus Christ, the son of God who just 2000 years ago founded the Christian religion and changed the rules of the world forever. But now, I immediately want to go to the interview. At the end, you’ll find the link to buy or download the Gospel for free!   Rosalba: My Lord, thank you for accepting to be interviewed. In this interview, I don’t want to discuss about your book only, but I would like to delve into the most burning issues of our time. Do you agree? Jesus: Yes, I agree deeply… Rosalba: during your earthly life, You have preached about peace, love, brotherhood, charity and equality. Why people don’t follow your wonderful values? Jesus: people are freely created because my father wanted so. He is love and when you love,  none can be…

Interview with Dante Alighieri
Guest Star / January 13, 2016

He is regarded as the founder, or rather, the father of the Italian language and Italian literature. His works and poems are still today studied in the major schools and universities all over the world. I am speaking about Dante Alighieri, the famous poet and Italian writer born in the Middle Age and well known for writing the poem titled La Divina Commedia (The Divine Comedy ). That is a work consisting of three volumes, each one titled with the several names of the otherwordly places of the hereafter, namely Hell, Purgatory and Paradise. Dante wrote his most famous poem when he was banished from Florence, his hometown. Today, even though in an imaginary interview, he is along with us and with global readers, to tell about himself and his unique and extraordinary work. I wish you enjoy this interview very much, to learn more about Italian literature and its supreme authors.   Rosalba: Mr. Dante Alighieri, thank you so much for accepting this interview. Dante Alighieri: Thank you so much to you for this great opportunity. To tell the truth, I am a little embarrassed to speak in English. Rosalba: I know and understand your unease. Moreover, you are…

Interview with Mandy Jackson-Beverly
Guest Star / December 18, 2015

She is a recognized costume designer and stylist. Today, she is also a talented novelist who shows readers her debut novel titled: A Secret Muse, a horror-fiction-mystery set between the U.S. and Italy ( see the press release). I am speaking about Mandy Jackson-Beverly, a very creative woman-artist, and a brilliant writer, also, who was able to use their skills as a stylist to write a very compelling story. For this reason, I am glad to publish and show everybody this interesting interview with Mandy, where she tells about her life and her work, by remembering also troubles and concerns of a world that is about to go toward the end of the year.  Can  books and writing help us forget concerns and fear about the future? I suggest that you read the interview to discover it. Hi Mandy, I know you worked as a stylist and a costume designer for photographer Herb Ritts, and directors Joel and Ethan Coen, David Fincher, and Julien Temple, and music icons David Bowie, Madonna, and Tina Turner, to name a few. Have these creative jobs influenced your writing? Hi, Rosalba, and thank you for having me. I’ve been lucky to have worked with…

Interview with Kristina O’Donnelly
Guest Star / December 4, 2015

Can a book contain important truths about life and love, power and religion?  Can a book  tell about the life and politics of an ancient and glorious country such as Turkey? And above all, is Turkey a liberal country or not? If you remember, I asked some of these questions in the review of the book titled The Horseman ( please click on the title to see this review), the first of a compelling series titled Land of the Morning.  But today, to reply these questions, it is just its author Kristina O’Donnelly, an awarded Irish novelist. Through this very interesting interview, Kristina has explained many important details about her book and her life. Her literary work also faces the burning issue of the fight between Turks and Curds. Who is the oppressor and how to fix this long-lasting issue? Kristina O’Donnelly was raised in Turkey and knows very well what is happening in this country she also considers as her home. Here is the full interview. Good reading.