Our Frail Disordered Lives by Mary M. Schmidt
Horror , Press Releases / August 1, 2018

Larry Kavanaugh is an ordinary kind of guy. He’s got a nagging wife and two kids, both annoyingly gifted. No matter what he does, there is no end to what his family needs. What’s a regular, everyday guy to do? Well, he cuts a few corners, obviously—one very big corner in particular. He sells his soul to the Devil. Maybe it’s not the actual Devil, but Larry is ready to make a deal with one of the Devil’s minions. He meets some demon whose name he can’t remember. Funny, it was right on the tip of his tongue, a name of something you step on. Roach the Demon has sort of good intentions. He just wants a re-write of Dante’s Inferno with himself as the star. Roach goes after Larry as a rogue operation. He needs to make a point to his boss, Satan, so he uses the body of a human to follow Larry around and stir up trouble. He offers Larry an airtight guarantee that nothing could possibly go wrong. After all, Larry doesn’t feel like he has much to lose—or does he? Even Roach might be in over his head this time ( Press release from Amazon)….

Review Sleeping Beauties Stephen and Owen King
Book reviews , Horror / May 28, 2018

Sleeping Beauties is the title of one of the most recent horror novels written by Stephen King. Here is my review in English about the English edition of the book. In reality, the novel has been written along with Owen, the son of Stephen King. I must admit that I noticed that the story has been written by four hands. This is the plot. A day, in a village called Aurora, women get affected from a strange flu. It occurs with strange symptoms and fluffy wires that wrap women from the head to the feet, while they are sleeping. Nobody must try to wake them, because the one which could be seen is not a woman, but a sort of alien, with red eyes and a supernatural aggressiveness. During this stage, the awakened women can also kill any person, even their own baby, husband or pet. The strange flu affects women in the prison of the town. In this place, we can find several figures, the drug or alcohol addicted woman, up to the one who killed her abusive partner. In a gloomy and scary landscape, the two authors tell about a female world made of suffering, good and evil….

Best Stephen King books. Find the titles you must absolutely read
Book list , Horror / January 16, 2018

Are you looking for comprehensive information about the best books written by Stephen King? Well, this is the right place for you. As you surely know, Mr. Stephen King has written 61 novels and over 500 short stories during his long writing career started in the 1960s. The great skill of this author has always been the one to create compelling stories, starting from the most secret feelings of people. This way of writing made Stephen King the true King of horror literature. Amid his great literary stuff, it is often hard to find the absolute best books written. I am an avid fan of Stephen King and in my view, all the books written by him are the best. However, if you want to start reading some books written by him or if you are looking for another stunning Stephen King novel you have not still read , you must absolutely read the following paragraphs where I split the literary career of Mr. King in categories. To make your choice easier, I started with the best horror novels written by this author. In every paragraph, you’ll find only the best books in chronological order, namely starting from the date…

The Angel Alejandro by Alistair Cross
Guest post , Horror / February 3, 2017

From bestselling author Alistair Cross comes a forbidden tale of love and redemption, of good and evil, and those who dare to stand up to Hell itself. Angel or Demon? Naive and heart-stoppingly handsome, he calls himself Alejandro, and Madison O’Riley has no clue what to do with him. As they set out to recover his lost identity, Madison realizes the mysterious man who saved her life harbors deep, otherworldly secrets that will put her in grave danger. The Devil is in the Details Gremory Jones has something for everyone, and for a price, he’s willing to make a deal. Walking the streets in top hat and trench coat, he tempts the citizens with mysterious wares from his shiny black briefcase. But buyer beware: All sales are final – and fatal. A Scorching New Terror Has Come to Town The townspeople are changing in appalling ways and it’s up to Madison – with the help of a psychic, a local priest, and the new chief of police – to help Alejandro unlock his forgotten powers before an unspeakable evil tears apart the fabric of existence … and costs them their very souls …  The Angel Alejandro by Alistair Cross is…

Review of Highway To Hell by Alex Laybourne
Book reviews , Horror / December 14, 2016

Many colleagues defined this book as the modern version of the Divine Comedy and since I am Italian, this description filled me with immense satisfaction. Yes, the book is a modern, whirling and scary version of the poem written by the superb Italian writer Dante Alighieri. The book I have reviewed is titled Highway To Hell and the author is the talented English author Alex Laybourne. I must confess that as soon as I have seen the book on my bookshelf, I was impressed by the cover. Indeed, it is like the one of another famous  gothic horror novel: The Monk. I reviewed also the latter, a couple of years ago. Highway to Hell is a modern gothic horror novel, not a poem, like The Divine Comedy, but the background and some details remind me the medieval background of this Italian poem. Putting aside all the comparisons, Highway To Hell is a good way to depict and describe Hell as everybody believes it is, a set of separate rooms, where people endure an awful punishment for their sins. Characters and plot The main characters of the book are modern people, namely modern sinners, who lived an existence full of mistakes…

Review of The Homecoming by Carsten Stroud
Best sellers , Book reviews , Horror / August 10, 2016

Welcome to Niceville, the village inhabited by evil. I can’t help but introduce this book with these words, because the story starts just in an apparently quiet American town where, suddenly, people become evil and commit awful deeds. I am reviewing The Homecoming, the book 2 included in the Niceville trilogy written by Carsten Stroud, a Canadian bestselling author who lived in the United States, also. I read the Italian edition of this book titled “ I confini del nulla” and translated by Michele Fiume. However, I would translate the title into English as “The borders of nothingness ”.   And what are these evil borders, the ones you find in Niceville, when a day an airplane fell on the village and where a team of common people robbed a bank overnight? Yes, it is evil in Niceville, but there are also the policeman Nick and her wife Kate, a lawyer who is taking care of a stranger boy called Rainey Teague, the latest descendant of a mysterious and ancient family who lived in Niceville before the Second World War. Rainey has been kidnapped and found by the policemen in a nearby cave, buried in a grave, but still alive….

Review of Eloise, The Secret Behind The Mask by L. Vucetich
Book reviews , Horror / July 27, 2016

Here is another fantastic book that will remain in my heart forever. When I accepted to review it, upon the request of the author, I thought I would have read the usual fantasy book, but as soon as I opened and read the first page, I found myself reading an excellent fantasy story seasoned with a hint of horror and current topics. The book, titled Eloise, The Secret Behind The Mask, has been written by Italian author L. Vucetich, the pen name of a talented young writer who lives in Milan. This book is indeed the English edition translated by Patricia Keiller. I read just the version in English. And what can I say about this book? Above all, I can tell that is the first episode of a fantasy series which is ready to achieve the same international success of the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling. This Italian author, indeed, is a true fan of J. K. Rowling. The fantasy plots created by the famous literary mother of Harry Potter have shaped the writing style of this young author. However, in Eloise, I found something else and even more interesting: the skill to tell about the life…

Eloise: The Secret Behind The Mask by L. Vucetich
Horror , Press Releases / July 1, 2016

This book has already been translated into English and now it is ready for being read by foreign readers, or rather, by those who speak and read English. I am discussing about Eloise: The Secret Behind The Mask,  the novel written by the young and talented Italian author L. Vucetich. Eloise is a fictional work included in the fantasy genre, in this case a mixture of horror and urban fantasy. But Eloise is also the name of the main character of the book. Who is she, really?   Eloise is a prostitute who always wears dark clothes and high heeled boots. She is also a sweet girl who ruined her life to chase the wrong man. Now, she lives on the edge of the streets, by making love with strangers for money and give all revenues to her pimp Mark. Eloise is also the beginning of a compelling series that this Italian author wants to offer to all the world, just as a day J K Rowling did by writing Harry Potter. The author has indeed read horror and fantasy books during her school career, but the books that most of all conquered her soul were the one of the…

Review of The Dark Key by Graeme Winton
Book reviews , Horror / March 16, 2016

As soon as I have finished reading this book, I wondered: “ Is this story wholly invented or it instead contains a grain of truth”? I am discussing about The Dark Key, the horror book written by British author Graeme Winton. I don’t know because a similar book has not success yet. Its background is indeed dark, like the title, murky, creepy and the story is well intertwined. In this gloomy scenario, the author delves into the story and the life of a modest young Scottish Librarian called Matthew who, during a walk to a cliff, witnesses a gosthly apparition. Matthew suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, a mental illness who forces him to check if the gas control knob is turned off. But the ghost was not an hallucination but a real phenomenon that hides awful secrets. At this stage, the several chapters of the book split into two different epochs, the one of Matthew, namely the XXI century, and the Middle Age, around 1300 -1400 BC. In the past, indeed, in a French Abbey, it was consumed a sacrilege, a demon, under the form of a seducing girl, Mary, seduced and deceived a monk, Jonas. The wicked woman gave birth…