Review of The Death Tax by James Massaro
Book reviews , Fiction , Free ebooks / May 23, 2017

What happened while I was reading this book is really incredible. My nephew would play with my e-reader and I decided to talk him about this story, selecting only the parts that were suitable for children. The Snowman, white woods and falling snow on a solitary hill leading to a likewise solitary mansion. Since I and my nephew are Italian, I verbally told him the story by translating it into Italian! Apart this enjoyable moment, I considered this novel fully interesting, because focused on an important topic: organ transplant and euthanasia. The main character is a teenager in a coma after a car accident. The teenager is Teresa, a seventeen year old girl who would have been become rich at eighteen years. To overcome the consequences of the car accident, the girl needs a heart transplant, but her grandmother Eileen, the only keeper of this young patient, prefers keeping her alive thanks to an artificial support. A day, while Eileen is away for the weekend, Teresa passes away and from this stage the mystery of the book begins. The girl has died mysteriously, maybe for a window who her nurse, a Jamaican who believe in reincarnation, forgot to close. An…

Review of Soul Theory by Subhendu Das
Book reviews , Free ebooks / March 17, 2017

This book has had a tremendous impact in my mind, because, among others, faces some of the most burning topics of our time, such as economic crisis, the endless and sinister power of central banks and how to retrieve a peaceful life in a moneyless economy. I am talking about Soul Theory, the free e-book written by Subhendu Das, an Indian author who lives in the US. And it is just for this clear clash between the birth town of the author and his life in the Home of the Western world that it is born a book focused on the topic I mentioned above. Truth to tell, the book is focused on typical Indian topics, namely the importance to listen our soul, the reincarnation and yogi power to defeat the awful distortions caused by the modern world, a world, that, unfortunately, has been founded on the money power and the power of the Central Bank, shortened in CB by the author. According to the point of view of the writer, political wars, economic crisis, religion wars, mental illnesses, body diseases are all caused by the money power. I agree fully with him and accept this point of view that…

Review of Dark Tales by Chester Lee
Book reviews , Free ebooks / December 2, 2016

Sometimes, unlike the Italian language, English does not allow to create an emotional writing for some literary genres. I think, for example, about horror fiction or fantasy or mystery, but this was one of the very few books which managed to impress me even in English. I am discussing about Dark Tales ( the cover is from, a sort of dark fiction gushed from the creativity of Chester Lee. In the book, the author faces a burning issue of our time: kidnapped girls used and exploited by smugglers to earn money from prostitution. For its hard and impressive content the book is suitable for adults, only. However, the author, respecting the sensitiveness of readers, has not written detailed descriptions in the chapter about a kidnapped little girl, but only about the story of the main character, namely Amy. Plot: Amy is a young girl seeking for a job. She does a job interview in a club to work as a waitress. She faces the interview with one of the owners of the Club, Rick, who hires her immediately and says: “Just be here tonight 9pm”. Amy obeys to this sort of order, unaware that her nightmare will begin just…

Underground Double Play by Giovanni Tommasini
Free ebooks , Press Releases / October 19, 2016

When sport becomes literature. All this happened with a book which, perhaps, is unique, original and very lyrical inside its own nature. This book, currently released in free ebook format,  is titled Undeground Double Play and has been written by the Italian author Giovanni Tommasini. The book is, in reality, a collection of biographical tales about  the rise of an Italian baseball team from an underground parking in Sanremo to the US. Published in an Italian magazine, Baseballmania, these tales conquered the heart of Italian readers so much to be turned into an ebook. Later,  the same ebook has been translated into English to cheer the heart of foreign readers. But Undeground Double Play is not only a collection of short biographical stories, but a heartfelt mix of memories relating to a group of Italian baseball players. Among them, there was also the author. Giovanni is indeed a former baseball player coming from a family of the Italian middle class.  In Italy, when you talk about the middle class, you also discuss about normal people who struggle every day to survive. Fortunately, Giovanni Tommasini went beyond that, and in the late 1970s,  along with other brilliant guys in Sanremo, the…

A Book for International Women’s Day
Free ebooks , News / March 8, 2016

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Verso Books, the leading publisher of radical left thinkers and feminist authors, emailed me  a very interesting list of feminist books. I have seen, read and chosen one of these. That is a biographical book titled The Beautiful Struggle: A Memoir  by Ta-Nehisi Coates.  Here are information about this book. At the end of the post, also a link to download free feminist ebooks. All this is for the women readers of Advicesbooks. Good reading and good women’s day! The Beautiful Struggle: A Memoir by Ta-Nehisi Coates A small and beautiful epic of growing up in 1980s Baltimore, from the author of Between the World and Me The Beautiful Struggle is an extraordinary memoir from the most important new voice in the US race debate and the author of New York Times bestseller list no. 1 Between the World and Me, hailed by Toni Morrison as “required reading.” This small and perfectly formed epic follows the lives of boys on the journey to manhood in black America and beyond in 1980s Baltimore, a city on the verge of chaos. These youngsters needed to learn fast, and Ta-Nehisi’s father, Paul, was a fine teacher:…

Review of Can you and your family survive the end of the world? by Terry D. Clark
Book reviews , Essays , Free ebooks / February 8, 2016

I must admit when I read this book I had low expectations. Maybe because it was the shortest book I ever reviewed since I have opened this website of book reviews or because this is a nonfiction book about a topic we always perceive fairly distant from us. I don’t know explain the reason about my low interest for this work. But, then, when I started browsing and reading its pages, I abruptly changed my mind. Why has this happened? Because I think I have read the best non-fiction book about how to survive the end of the world.   Indeed, I am reviewing the book titled Can you and your family survive the end of the world? The author of this work is Terry D. Clark, a writer specialized in self-improvement.  I also admired the strategy to start the book, or rather, the title, with a question, because that is the question everyone should ask to himself every day. Terry has just tried to reply to this question, by focusing his writing about the main surviving techniques we should perform when an end of the world scenario should occur. It does not matter where it occurs, it matters you…

New free ebook for Christmas
Free ebooks / December 14, 2015

The rise of ISIS, post-capitalism, transgender politics, disaster capitalism, the Anthropocene. These are only some topics of the books published in 2015 by Verso Books, a publisher that releases works written by left writers and radical thinkers.  Only  this month, a special offer for Christmas: the best books, released  by Verso Books in 2015,  have been collected in a free ebook. This free collection, called Verso 2015 Mixtape, brings you the most exciting reading in 2015, with contributions from Patrick Cockburn, John Berger, Bernie Sanders, Gabriella Coleman, Shulamith Firestone, Juliet Jacques, Tariq Ali, Pablo Iglesias, and Teju Cole. The anthology covers the most burning issues of our world, namely  the disasters of capitalism, transgender politics, post-capitalism and the rise of ISIS. This ebook, indeed, contains excerpts on the most important topics of our time! Catch up on the best of essays of this year by downloading this free ebook. You can read it on any device. This is our Christmas gift for you. Good reading!

Encyclical on Capitalism and Inequality by Pope Francis
Free ebooks , Religion books / August 7, 2015

Encyclical on Capitalism and Inequality: On Care for Our Common Home by Pope Francis. In his most radical encyclical to date, Pope Francis takes aim at the heart of the world’s problems: Capitalism.   Impassioned and wide-ranging, and citing the overwhelming evidence for the human suffering that it causes, the Pope makes a powerful case for urgent collective action. Capitalism is, in his own words, “one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day.” Described as “an urgent call to action” by the New York Times, this ebook,edited for clarity by Sam Lavigne,   is FREE to download today and every other day, until capitalism is no more. This is a press release by Verso Books, the most leading radical publisher in the world. Source of the image: Verso Books.

Review of Wychetts by William Holley
Book reviews , Free ebooks , Horror / July 7, 2015

This is a very strange book. It is strange because it starts like a comic and funny story and continues like a horror topped off with a pitch of mystery and suspense. I am speaking about of Wychetts, the fiction book written by William Holley. This is the first of the series titled Wychetts written in September 2014 and published on the website Wychetts tells about the story of a family composed of a couple of random partners, she has divorced and him also, and their respective children: Bryony, the daughter of him and Edwin, the son of her. The two children, at last, proved to be the real characters of the book, while their parents take a secondary, but likewise funny role, in a book that I can also define a very interesting adventure in the dark of an ominous and decaying cottage called Wychetts. This cottage is in reality a house built over 500 years ago and containing a terrible secret : inside the foundations of this crumbling hovel there is a malevolent power. Bryony and Edwin are forced to live in this cottage because their parents could not afford to buy a better one. This cottage…