Review of Collected Bible Studies For Christians Like You by Dr. Derek P. Blake
Book reviews , Religion books / December 18, 2017

This is not the usual religion book based on the usual and unintelligible Bible studies, but a real study about the real nature of God and the real purpose of our life. This mesmerizing and enthralling book is titled Collected Bible Studies For Christians Like You and has been written by UK author Dr. Derek P. Blake, a member the Christians Like Me Community. The Bible studies reported by the author resulted from an idea of Pastor Rolf Anderson, who also is the administrator of the website of the above mentioned community. Well, what you would think if I said to you that what you heard during other Christian lesson is incorrect? Through this plain and respectful explanation of Bible verses (both of the Old and New Testament), the author retraces the most meaningful and comprehensive stages of our religious education to bring us to discover forgotten truths and a new light in our life. He starts just from the Creation. From this beginning, the book shows how God really is : a powerful energy that has been existing since always over the rules of time and space. Everybody thinks of God as a dissolving and a supernatural creature that…

The Name of God is Mercy: the new book by Pope Francis
News , Religion books / January 20, 2016

The Name of God is Mercy, by Pope Francis. Warm words which also are the title of the namesake book  the Holy Father released in the past week. Spread in 86 countries, the work has been drawn from a long series of interviews which the Pope granted to Vatican reporter Andrea Tonielli. One more again, this reformist Pope, shakes the human awareness, especially the one of this troubled and hard century. But the words of Pope Francis were astonishing and comforting because he spoke about God’s Love and Mercy. In the book,  the Pope also tells about his life and youth and shows himself like a humble man who, due to his weakness, can also make mistakes and sins. Sins and sinners are the main characters of the book, because, as Pope Francis also said: “ The Church does not blame the sinner but the sin. For sinners there is always a chance of forgiveness, if they repent from the bottom of their heart, God can forgive sinners because He is Mercy and Love”. Through this heartfelt book, Pope Francis gives us a great hope to come back to be free,  free from the chains and the prison of sin…

Encyclical on Capitalism and Inequality by Pope Francis
Free ebooks , Religion books / August 7, 2015

Encyclical on Capitalism and Inequality: On Care for Our Common Home by Pope Francis. In his most radical encyclical to date, Pope Francis takes aim at the heart of the world’s problems: Capitalism.   Impassioned and wide-ranging, and citing the overwhelming evidence for the human suffering that it causes, the Pope makes a powerful case for urgent collective action. Capitalism is, in his own words, “one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day.” Described as “an urgent call to action” by the New York Times, this ebook,edited for clarity by Sam Lavigne,   is FREE to download today and every other day, until capitalism is no more. This is a press release by Verso Books, the most leading radical publisher in the world. Source of the image: Verso Books.

Review of the Holy Bible
Book reviews , Religion books / July 17, 2015

This is the most important and most read book in the world. This is also the oldest book among the ones we have read and will read during our whole existence. I am speaking about the Holy Bible, namely the collection of 73 books written in the Middle East before and after the birth of Christ. I thought to review the Holy Bible several times, but because of other engagements I postponed this other task. The review of the Holy Bible was not assigned to me by the Church of the Vatican, but only by my awareness that I consider like a God’s gift and hence, this review it is like I was assigned by God. It is common opinion that the Holy Bible is a powerful religious and inspirational book because it is believed it was written by some men or rather prophets on behalf of God. This means that the Holy Bible is a book inspired by God. Many atheists don’t believe that the Holy Bible was written by the finger of God, but they can’t deny the Bible is the most controversial and feared book in the world. Controversial because the language and the meaning of the…

Review of The Truth That Sets Free by Samuel NgaFeeson
Book reviews , Essays , Religion books / January 19, 2015

Here is one of those books we define “long lasting”. In this sense, this book works like a lipstick. While the latter lasts hours on our lips, a book like this lasts forever in our heart! We are speaking about The Truth That Sets Free, the religion book written by Samuel Faith Laye NgaFeeson. That is a short book, only 164 pages, but very meaningful.   Through ten chapters, the author explores “The Untaught Secrets of Winning Every Battle”, ( buy here), namely those secrets that often no-one learns during his/her faith path. These untaught secrets are also the subtitle of the book. In this way, Samuel wanted to keep our soul and our mind in touch with God. Thanks to this book, I finally learned many things. For instance, I understood what is the original sin and the sin against the Holy Spirit. These two important theological topics have often caused quarrels among several religions, but according the thought of the author, the original sin and the sin against the Holy Spirit come from the same origin: the doubt. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, they believed in what the deceiver snake told them, namely they would become…

New book about Pope Francis
News , Religion books / April 21, 2013

Who is Pope Francis? He is the former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio and archibishop of Buenos Aires. The face of this new Pope is that of a good man, a God’s man who is ready to do the Lord’s Will and to change the Catholic Church. Pope Francis is so like he appears, but a few weeks have passed from his election and people would know more on him.   For this end, there is a new book that reveals many other aspects on Pope Francis. This work is titled On Heaven and Earth: Pope Francis on Faith, Family, and the Church in the Twenty-First Century and contains some short dialogues between the new Pope and Argentine Rabbi Abraham Skorka. The conversations is about many topics such as Satan, Abortion, Marriage, Family, Poverty and many others. This book reveals Pope Francis’ thoughts on several hot issues of our time, where human being appear confused and without a spiritual leader. The book consist of 29 chapters written according to different topics. Each topic is a frank and sincere discussion that shows who is Pope Francis and what he wants to improve the Church and the World. According to Pope Francis the…