Writing: Can success be planned?

August 20, 2015

I must admit that until some years ago I believed that success could be planned. Only recently I understood that success can’t be planned at all. I am speaking about success in the writing field, namely to be capable to sell many copies of a book or earn a high income by writing articles as a freelancer. In the writing field, success can never be planned, since it depends on by customers’ preferences and ongoing trends.

Maybe you can try to plan a success of a project online, such as a blog, a web journal, but nowadays, success planning means to betray your talent or your original idea. Many writers confess to earn much money from their writing or simply by managing a blog. But this kind of success is not for everybody. Today, according many web stats, the best paid writers are only those who have experience in informatics and technical writing, while many freelance writers who have been trying for years to earn money, are always running out of money.

All this is happening because the Internet and social networks have changed the way of writing forever. This framework has also caused that authors sold few books because on the Web, everyone can find free ebooks anytime and anywhere. What happens, hence, to all people who dream to be successful by writing? I suggest that you don’t fall into depression, rather, forget success and do only what you like.

If you like writing and think your life depends, above all, on this activity, continue writing. If the same activity cause you get poor, try to do another work meanwhile. Unfortunately, in this our global world, the economic crisis is more and more global and it may happen that a writer has only his/her writing to earn money. In this unlucky condition, Is it possible planning your success? I would like very much to say to you it is, but since I am a sincere writer (and blogger),  I reply that success can be planned only at the price of great and long endeavors.

In this case, you need renounce your dreams about what you like writing and aim only for the kind of writing which sells most. Many billionaire bloggers earn a high monthly income with an awesome trick: before writing, they use a software that extracts the most searched keywords on the web and use these keywords to write their pieces. The most searched keywords are those starting with how to do a thing, how to do a work and so on…

To write on winning keywords attracts more traffic, more customers and more money, but all that glitters is not gold. Before using this trick, these writers need to build a very high web reputation or web ranking, only if Google gets they are already famous, it indexes your keywords on its first pages.

To build an immediate web reputation, you need a considerable financial investment, such as to buy press releases and advertising about your blog on very famous websites and journals or on Google and get a lot of backlinks. If you open your blog with no investment, time to see good revenues would be too long and since you need money everyday, to wait for ten years (to earn with your writing) is not a good idea.

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