Why Advices and not Advice?

June 23, 2016

advicesandadviceDear readers, publishersauthors and colleagues, with this post I want to discuss about a problem arisen because of the name of my website. As you know, this domain name is Advicesbooks and not Advicebooks. This name attracted criticism by some visitors and users who every day visit in this literary blog. Some of them are native English people and asked me why I used a similar name, Advices, for a literary blog. I know Advices is wrong, maybe it is the worst grammatical error in English, but when I founded this blog, I explained the reason of this wrong name on the page about information on the blog.

I chose Advicesbooks because the correct name Advicebooks was not available anymore. Moreover, some of domains with the name advice are devoted to publishing erotica books only. In the field of domain names, it is not important the name, but the quality of the website. By now, many domain names, the normal ones, are not available, rather, they are all occupied. In 2012, I chose Advices just because Advice was impossible to be chosen, it was already occupied! I could use another literary name, but I want you to understand that I chose Advices for a practical issue not to make a grammar mistake. Fortunately, when a name turns into a brand, search engines rewards the brand and not the kind of name.

Furthermore, since I am an Italian blogger and write in Italian and English, this is a bilingual literary blog. Hence, the name Advicesbooks shows better that this is not an English blog. For this reason, I felt very hurt by critics coming from some users. I want to invite authors to believe in Advicesbooks .com because after four years, this is a real international and bilingual blog where they can get bilingual reviews (in Italian and English), bilingual interviews, bilingual press releases and bilingual book promotion services, in addition to translations into the Italian language. Advicesbooks.com is not a mistake, but an opportunity for authors, books, publishers and artists. Especially for those who need help to publish, self publish or translate their manuscript.

On this blog, people find many services, not errors. Sure, I am a native Italian blogger and not a native English blogger and just for this I hope you’ll regard me as a valuable source and not a boring owner of a blog. However, I must also thank all authors who trusted me and my book promotion services. Thanks to them, Advicesbooks gained more exposure and views from all the world. The latest stats show views from many countries, among these, USA, Italy, United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, North Europe, Spain, France, Germany, Japan, China, Africa, Australia, India, Mexico, Canada. I think it is needless to change the name of my website just now.

Now, a change would cause losing pagerank for the blog. I can’t afford to lose my page rank and deprive my authors of readers and exposure. When you visit Advicesbooks, just think this is the literary blog of Rosalba Mancuso, an Italian journalist, writer, blogger, translator and bilingual writer who can help you in making your book known in Italy and Europe, also, with translations and book promotions in a double language: Italian and English. I have worked in the publishing and writing field since 1994 and I know very well how the literary market works. Now, I hope you understood why this website is called Advices and not Advice. If you appreciate my tremendous job to promote authors and books, contact me or share information about Advicesbooks.com on social networks. Thank you so much!


  • Starr Sayles June 23, 2016 at 17:49

    Excuse Typos in last post, headaches will do that and I have a bad one.

    • Rosalba Mancuso June 23, 2016 at 18:21

      Don’t worry Starr, rather, thank you so much for your kind comments. They encouraged me to go forward with my literary blog.

  • Starr Sayles June 23, 2016 at 17:47

    I understand the problem too well. I did not get the name I really wanted, But its my brand and does not take away from the sight. I like your sight. Good luck in all you do!

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