What is Amazon Publishing?

February 12, 2016

amazon publishingAccording to various information I read on the web, it seems none understood the real core business of Amazon Publishing. By the way: but what is Amazon Publishing? First of all,  Amazon Publishing is the spin off of Amazon.com, that also holds the famous online self- publishing platform. In short, given the global success of Amazon self-publishing, the company also decided to found another publishing corporation that publishes only print books.

Practically, Amazon Publishing is a mainstream publisher that wants to reward the best self-published authors. How does it work? Amazon Publishing bases its editorial services by following the sale outcomes of a self-published book. The more a book sells and the more it has chances to be published and promoted by Amazon Publishing. This publisher offers several editorial services: editing, book cover, print of the book, international distribution and translation into many languages.

Hence, a book published by Amazon Publishing is like the one published by Penguin      or Random House. Is it possible to be published by Amazon Publishing? I can’t reply to this question, because the editors of this company can select from tons of self-published books exhibited on Amazon.com. However, as all the things that belong to Amazon, even this publishing company is landing in several countries. Last year, the company has even arrived in Italy. In Italy or elsewhere, the work and the rules to be published and gain the print version of a book is always the same: many sales and downloads for the self-published book.

And if you want to be published anyway? You can try contacting the editorial team of Amazon, to submit your book. Being and working as a mainstream publisher, authors can also try to submit to Amazon Publishing, books they don’t want to self-publish. However, I suggest you submit your book through a literary agent, in order he can negotiate better conditions to publish your book. Unfortunately, at this time,  Amazon Publishing does not accept unsolicited manuscripts or other submissions.

Another alternative to gain a print book is to sell many self-published ebooks.

Amazon Publishing has also several departments to print many literary gernes.

Here are the names of the imprints of Amazon Publishing:

Thomas & Mercer for Mystery, Thrillers, and Suspense

47North for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

Little A for Literary Fiction and Nonfiction

Montlake Romance for Romance

Jet City Comics FOR Comics and Graphic Novels

Grand Harbor Press FOR Personal Growth, Self-Help, and Inspirational

Two Lions FOR Children’s Picture Books, Chapter Books, and Novels

Skyscape FOR Teen and Young Adult

Lake Union Publishing FOR Contemporary and Historical Fiction, Memoir, and Popular Nonfiction

StoryFront FOR  Short Fiction

Waterfall Press FOR Christian Nonfiction and Fiction

Amazon Encore FOR Rediscovered Works

Amazon Crossing FOR Translated Works


For being published through these departments, you must: sell many ebooks, get high exposure and many reviews or comments for your book. It doesn’t matter you get bad or good comments, what is worth is you get comments and push readers to buy or download your e-book. But this article does not relate how to write a successful book, but only to know about the existence of this new company. Now, all we should verify if Amazon Publishing will be able to spot and publish true masterpieces.

I think this company should really work like a mainstream publisher and evaluate on time a good and talented author without seeing the number of sales of the book on the Amazon Kindle. What happens if these sales are false or tricky? If they are also sales made through a big financial investment coming from a billionaire author? Those who have much money at their disposal can also publish anything, even trash books. I regret the good times when publishers worked like talent hunters and immediately sniffed a masterpiece amid needless and unmeaning books.

However, it is still too early for evaluating the real reach of Amazon Publishing, I really hope that this company will publish, translate and reward the best authors in the world. I would be very sorry to see only American translated books in Italy or in other European countries. For a company, it is is always a great success to colonize a market, but it is likewise important to defend talent.

Fortunately, Amazon Publishing is also a good job opportunity for book translators and book reviewers. See this page and send your application as a reviewer or as a translator or for both of them. To become a literary translator for Amazon Publishing, you must contact Amazon Crossing, the department that does literary translations. To apply for job at Amazon Publishing and Amazon Crossing, you must use your Amazon account.

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