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October 23, 2012

Technologic evolution allows to do things that were once impossible. This strong development also involves reading which represents one of the major human activities. Books reading is the food of the mind, because it increases our ability and the world knowledge.


A lot of books are available for fee and in paper format or e-book. This last format lets to read a book by a device called e-reader. Through an e-reader it is possible to download many e-books. Even to download e-books, a payment is required.

When money is scarce, especially in times of economic crisis, you can feel the need to have free e-books. Where is possible to find them? There are a lot of websites that allow to download free e-books. In several cases it is not possible read new books or recent best sellers. Free downloading regards above all e-books of new authors and classics of world literature where copyright has expired.

Among the websites to download free e-books, we advice and The first source is the most viewed online platform to read new, useful and absolutely free e-books. To find the best e-book without to spend money it is sufficient to create an account by registering in the web site.

After you registered your username and password, you can download five e-books every month by choosing among a wide list of e-books about any field and topic: from fiction to essays. The second website,, offers over 40,000 free e-books and other 100,000 are available through his partners or affiliates.

No registration is required but only to be ready to give a donation of money to help the website project. In websites we have suggested there are e-books for Kindle, Android, iPhone and in Epub format. and are the ideal places where you can be both reader and writer. On both the websites it is possible to digitalize new books to participate and share a project of self publishing.

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