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January 11, 2017

video book promotionBook promotion is perhaps the most challenging work for authors and writers who try to sell online books. Especially nowadays, where people are more and more engaged to share comments and futility on the social networks. Amid all this stuff, is it possible to get the attention of readers, yet? My reply is yes, it is effectively possible, as long as authors are willing to find new ways to capture the interest of their audience. Today, with the Internet at its fullest, what are the limits of book promotion?

The main limit is the fact that the online readers love visual content more than the written one. Let’s try to take a look at the social shares of videos and we’ll find awesome figures, with a mountain of social shares. For videos, the social share average is very high, absolutely remarkable, I am forced to admit. If a written content gets 10 or 20 social shares, a video gets 1000 times the most, at least! What this means for your career as an author? It means that if you learn to promote your book also with visual content, you can draw a strong pathway along your career as a writer. Yes, readers must absolutely buy and read your book to let you earn money from your writing, but if no-one knows about your book, no-one never buys your work. This is the main rule of book promotion.

This is not a simple hobby, but a serious activity set up to propel the sales of your books. Just think the high potential of a video which shows visual information about your book, such as, for example, some slides describing the plot or the topic, along with a suitable piped music and back and front cover. This kind of video is called book trailer, namely a visual blurb created to publicize your book on the web and on the TV. To push readers in buying your book, another solution is the video book review, namely the new frontier of video book promotion.

Book trailer Vs Video book review

A video book review can be an extraordinary solution to lead readers toward your book. If the trailer describes the plot and the meaning of the book, thanks to suitable images and some slides and special effects, the video book reviews do much more, namely it offers readers an initial opinion about your fiction or nonfiction book. This opinion is not only written, but turned into a slide that accompanies the video about your book. This way, you get a double advantage, capture the interest of readers who can enjoy a beautiful book trailer and push them to buy the work thanks to the opinion embedded in the same video.

It is, indeed, well known that the unique secrets to sell books on and offline are: review and promotion. Always keep in your mind these two words: review and promotion. With no these words, nowadays it is nearly impossible to bring a book into many hands. Why? I believe to have already replied to this question. Because people spend much time on the social networks watching videos and images than watching written words. Unless these words are particularly poignant, only a few people will find a new and unknown book interesting. People prefer commenting blood test, the death of friends’ relatives instead of comment the plot of a book! This framework is really frustrating for authors who spent time and energy to write a good book!

Video book promotion strategies

Hence, in your book promotion strategy, I suggest that you also include video book promotion. Not only an effective editing, title and cover (these are other important details to sell books) but also a book trailer and a video book review. Video book reviews can really reverse the gloomy fate of many books.

As soon as readers watch a video, they will immediately be immersed in your literary world and pushed to buy the work to know what happens to your characters. To get this effect, however, the written slides of the video must contain stunning headlines. I have worked as a journalist in Italy for many years and I can explain to you how to create effective headlines to be added to a book trailer. On the Internet, readers are very sensitive to reviews and opinions. For this, if you want to gain new audience, in Italy, Europe and all over the world, I strongly recommend you also use videos to promote your book.

Once you’ll have tried this new way, you’ll discover a new world of new possibilities of career, more views, more reader engagement, more social shares and more sales.

Free software to make video book promotion by yourself

You can also create your own book trailer for free. Just use free video editing software such as Windows Movie Maker and VSDC Video Editor, for Windows, Avidemux and Lightworks, for Windows, Mac, Linux and iMovie for Mac and iOS. If you write and work on Windows, you can create your book trailer with Windows Movie Maker and load it on YouTube. Indeed, the video platform of Google automatically converts your Windows video into MP4. There is another, helpful, free, alternative to Windows Movie Maker around the web, and it is Free Video Editor, a video editing software which has more features than the previous one and allows you to create professional book trailers.

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