To find e-book reading software for blind persons

October 6, 2012

Reading is wonderful when it is possible to do it, but if a person suffers for a low vision or is totally blind how is it possible to read a good e-book? The problem does not exist about mainstream book, but only for e-books which can be read only by a software called e-reader.


An e-reader is a device that allows to read any type of book in electronic format, that is e-book. Most e-books are not available for blind persons, both adults and children and all this has create a long conflict between educative organizations and publishers. Until today, only some text to speech e-readers has been product, but are insufficient to satisfy the needs of blind persons.

There is even to consider that speech devices create several problem of copyright, because, to convert a text in vocal sound, many publishers ask for much money.

In this framework blind persons have managed to find book right for them only from charity organization, but reading can’t and must not be a privilege for a few people. It wouldn’t be right! How is it possible, therefore, to find a good e-reader for blind persons?

Seeking not only at charity institutes, but even at publishers and software agencies. Some software house are making e-readers for blind persons. Among these, there are the following devices: Screen reader; Electronic braille display; Keyboard access and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software.

Screen reader allows users to read the contents of computer screen and navigate around it by using vocal text. Electronic braille display is a devices to allow e-books reading by a touch screen display.

This display contains several cells in nylon o metal to move for reflecting the text on the screen; OCR software allows printed text to be moved to computer for reading using screen software. Further informations about the devices quoted above are available on the official website of Royal National Institute of Blind People, placed in London.

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