The truth to really sell the first 1000 copies of your book

April 7, 2017

Dear how to sell the first 1000 copiesauthor, in this article I want to reveal you a method to really sell the first 1000 copies of your book.  Read this post carefully,  because I’ll say to you all you must know to really sell  1000 copies, namely the truth that none has ever wanted to tell!

Nowadays, authors are alone, alone when they decide to write a book, alone when they decide to publish their work, alone when they arrive at the crucial point to sell the literary piece they have written.
I always hear some sad news from book authors, such as, for example: “ I am frustrated, I didn’t manage to sell not even a copy”.

Thanks to my experience as a promoter of foreign books in Italy and Europe, I have learned that some sales strategies are not useful for books, especially for unknown authors.

Unless you are very famous and your name is very known by readers, your new book won’t sell  or maybe will sell some copies bought by your best friends, parents or relatives.

It is clear it is not the right path if you are dreaming to be a full-time writer.

All you must know to really sell the first 1000 copies of your book

Hence, to really sell the first 1000 copies of your book, if you are an unknown, self-published and a newbie author, you must forget the false illusion or myth to sell 1000 copies simply tweeting or typing the title of your book on the social media or on your personal blog.

Damnation, selling a book can be very easy and the best strategy is just in front of your eyes, instead, those who don’t want your success are continuing to write blog posts or marketing books to explain you how to sell the first 1000 copies.

To help you understand the truth to really sell your book, I want only to show you what you mustn’t do to sell the first 1000 copies of your book: don’t open a blog to attract readers.
This strategy can’t work for unknown authors.

Open the blog to sell your book only if you are already famous because if you aren’t, you risk to waste your time and to write blog posts for many years before gaining a large audience interested in buying your book.

Think about writing, edit and publish the book and then use these simple strategies that will help you in selling the first 1000 copies of your book in a few weeks.

After you got the print copies of the book, namely the ones which have a higher price than the Kindle edition, you must start organizing presentations in your country, at the local library of your country. Talk to the librarians and organize a literary meeting to invite readers. The library is always attended by book lovers. Organize the meeting on Saturday, prepare leaflets some weeks before the meeting, in order to create a buzz around your book.  People always look for something interesting to do on Saturday, and your literary meeting could be the ideal event for them.

To sell the first 1000 copies of your book you must also learn to not be ashamed. I know about an Italian author, Walter Lazzarini,  who sells the print copies of his book in front of offices, schools and universities.

You can also sell the print copies of your book by using a van, so as it is done to sell fruit and vegetables.
Bring with you the number of print copies that allow you to earn a minimum per day and as soon as you sold these copies, reprint new copies.

The true strategy to immediately sell copies of new books.

Some unknown authors sold the copies of their book on the beach, at the restaurants and in many other places, such as medical studies. This is the best strategy to start selling copies of your book.
Another strategy (to add to this) is to take advantage of the preferences of readers.

Have you written a cookbook, for example?
Well! Start selling some copies at the restaurant.
Just think that a journalist of the New Your Times could be the customer of the restaurant where you are selling your book.
He could buy the book and write a review on this valuable newspaper!
Have you written an essay or an academic book?
Sell it in front of the School or University.
Have you written a health book?
Well, try to sell it to the patients of a medical office.
Have you written a fictional story, a novel, a romance?
Well, this book is very suitable to be sold in front of schools and universities and on the beach, because on the beach readers love to relax by reading novels.
Have you written a religion book?
Well, try to sell in front of the Church!
Take also advantage of particular holidays.
Have you written a love story?
Well, take your car or van and sell the book along the street, invite readers to buy your love story on the occasion of The Saint Valentine day.

A latest advice, to sell the first 1000 copies of your book in a few weeks, attend the fairs in your country.

Rent a stand and sell the print copies of your book just as the other sellers sell other kind of products.
I always buy books at the local fairs of my country, this is an easy way to push people to buy books.
Start your book sales with 10 – 20 copies of your print book per day and search to sell all! Don’t go to home if you don’t sell your copies.

With this method, readers really will buy and read your book.
Some of them will write reviews on Amazon and you will be on the right path to work as a full time writer and as a successful author. As soon as you’ll get a good number of reviews, this will be the proper time to start your official blog. At the beginning, it is enough to have an Amazon and Goodreads profile and a personal profile with a fan page of the book on Facebook.

Sometimes, it is enough to look a reader in the eyes to sell a copy, while on the Internet you need tons of readers to sell copies. But the social media pages are updated every second and many readers could miss the title of the book due to new tweets of your competitors.
I explained you a traditional sales way because the Internet is too much crowded nowadays and books are remaining invisible. Yes, you can invest in pay per click campaigns, but if you are not famous, readers can’t click your book, unless to apply good seo techniques. (Only a book seo specialist can do this. I am also a seo specialist for authors). The truth to sell 1000 copies of your new book, unfortunately, is not on the Internet and social media.

 The truth to really sell 1000 copies of your book and earn a daily income from your writing.

The truth you don’t know is that in the real life, the conversion rate of book sales is very low: one copy every 10 people against one copy every 1000 people on the Internet!
Now you could think: why you promote authors and books online?
I promote authors and books online because I founded this literary blog in 2012 and after some years I built a good audience of readers and book lovers. Do you really want to take five years before selling your book? I think you don’t. Furthermore, I promote authors and books in Italy and Europe and this is another good strategy to invite your readers to buy your book.

A book promotion service is not to sell books overnight, but your accomplice to show to readers that you are not an unknown author, but one who has been mentioned abroad. People are prone to buy books also thanks to the fact that the author has been mentioned abroad!
Online book promotion is very important, but today it must be combined with traditional sales techniques, because, otherwise you’ll risk to not sell not even a copy.
On the Internet, by now, there are only fierce competition and false marketing.

I wanted simply to give you a gift: the truth to really sell copies of your book and earn, not a few pennies, but a real daily income.

Don’t forget to edit your book before selling!

To learn how to sell the first 1000 copies of your book,  I also recommend that you read the guide below:

Your First 1000 Copies: The Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your Book.

Try all of these methods, and then, if they worked, let me know!


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