thenameofgodismercycoverThe Name of God is Mercy, by Pope Francis. Warm words which also are the title of the namesake book  the Holy Father released in the past week. Spread in 86 countries, the work has been drawn from a long series of interviews which the Pope granted to Vatican reporter Andrea Tonielli. One more again, this reformist Pope, shakes the human awareness, especially the one of this troubled and hard century. But the words of Pope Francis were astonishing and comforting because he spoke about God’s Love and Mercy.

In the book,  the Pope also tells about his life and youth and shows himself like a humble man who, due to his weakness, can also make mistakes and sins. Sins and sinners are the main characters of the book, because, as Pope Francis also said: “ The Church does not blame the sinner but the sin. For sinners there is always a chance of forgiveness, if they repent from the bottom of their heart, God can forgive sinners because He is Mercy and Love”.

Through this heartfelt book, Pope Francis gives us a great hope to come back to be free,  free from the chains and the prison of sin and from evil. Unfortunately, the modern humans are accustomed to sinning, so much that they are incapable to repent. At last, the habitude to sin leads a person to corruption. “ The scandal is the corrupted person, not the sinner” said the Pope, again. In the book, everybody can discover the great difference between sin and corruption. Furthermore, the Holy Father observes that it is not the sin repeated more and more times that corrupts our soul, but it is sufficient also a unique sin to corrupt a person.

When a sinner feels sorrow for his repeated sins, then the love and mercy of God can still enter into his wounded soul. Sin and evil hurt the soul and also damage other people. It is always before our eyes the immense and deep suffering that sin and evil are causing to  human beings. This book is a lesson of love and mercy against a merciless and selfish evil, this is also a work that falls just on the occasion of the year of Mercy opened by Pope Francis last December. Once humans learn about love, mercy and forgiveness, the joy  arrives in their life.

The book also explains what is the joy. To explain better the meaning of this feeling, the Pope also invited Italian actor Roberto Benigni into the Vatican. In front of the Pope, several priests and bishops, as well as the Italian Public that followed this show on the TV, Roberto Benigni has explained the book of Pope Francis with a great mastery What is the joy? Mr. Benigni asked. “The joy is a mood of the soul. Where is joy, there are also peace, charity, compassion and love for others. Where these good and holy things are, there is also God and the Holy Spirit. With no joy, there are only unhappiness and sadness and with only these bad feelings, humans become selfish and jealous”.

Beware, Pope Francis didn’t write a book against suffering and depression, but a fond tutorial about the power and the love of God who heals every wound and erases every sin. The book of this great Pope is a great truth that, today, humanity seems to forget. To retrieve this lost truth, hence, it is better to read the book, because this is a duty to ourselves and our Lord that endured crucifixion and scorning because of our sins. This is not only the word of Pope Francis, but above all, the Word of God.

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