The most important topics and strategies to sell books

December 9, 2014

What are the bestseller books? Advicesbooks will try to answer this question through an interesting stat prepared for its authors, readers, friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Visiting the foremost Internet bookshops, we noticed that readers often buy horror and fantasy books, this list is followed by supernatural books, fiction novels, romance and biographical books, essays, how to books and tutorials.


The reasons of these choices are very easy: essay books, guides and tutorials are easy to be found freely on websites, blogs and web magazines, while a long novel is most often found and bought only in a bookshop, both off and online. This stat makes you realize that if you want to write easy books to sell, you must mainly focus on the topics that are most liked by readers.

But this strategy is not always effective to sell a book. The parameters that influence book sales are very various and strange and not always detectable or explainable. Sometimes, it may happen an apparently unmeaning book has great results in terms of sales. This consideration can be very frustrating for those who are capable to write good and depth books. And so, why does a bad book win on an excellent book? Maybe because that book has been written by a very famous author whose books are released on the confidence or because his literary genre is very appreciated by readers.

We do not believe that to sell a book you must follow strategies or the rule of the most loved topics by readers. A good, or rather, excellent book, is always written from hearth more than from words. Tell what you know better or what you have lived in your existence, use well chosen words, without thinking about weird strategies to sell your book. Get many reviews, make your book is known and appreciated anywhere: on your blog, on social networks (Facebook, Twitter and so on), Goodreads, Amazon and if you want, on Advicesbooks, as well.

Usually, those who read a book can review it and write their thoughts and emotions. A good book is always understood by readers, but also by publishers. Unfortunately, selling a good book can be very hard for unpublished authors. These writers need to be reviewed first. A publisher, indeed, can decide to publish a new book after reading the review. In life, as well as in literature, the border which divides failure and success is very subtle, but sometimes it is better to help the latter to emerge and an author to sell his book.

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