The importance of being reviewed

November 19, 2014

In order to understand the importance of book reviews, you also need to understand what is a review. This one is an opinion written by a person who read your book. Today, thanks to countless platforms of self-publishing, being reviewed seems very easy, but in many  self-publishing websites, also very famous, the reviews are often written by readers and only by them. This is a good thing, but if we go to see these reviews, we can discover many reviews relates to established and famous authors, namely those writers who was reviewed for the first time by professional reviewers.

Unfortunately, aspiring and unpublished authors don’t get many reviews inside self-publishing platforms and sometimes, to get many reviews, they need to promote their books laboriously on social networks. This promotion is often made for free, but it costs much effort to authors. Instead, a review, also an only one professional review, can be more than sufficient to help the new author to get other reviews and his first readers.

Being reviewed is the first fundamental step to undertake a sure path towards success. Unfortunately, when we were guys, other people taught us that to be successful, we would have to work very hard. This teaching is nearly true, but providing that it is followed in a smart and witty manner. Before you dip in the middle of a wide ocean of self-publishing platforms, by risking to stand only in a big crowd of unknown people, think to get professional reviews.

Many famous authors reveal that they tried to be reviewed not through self-publishing platforms, but only by knocking the door of publishers and professional reviewers. They have tried for long, but at last they managed to get what they desired: being published and reviewed. It is also important to know that many professional websites of book reviews accept to read and review only the books already reviewed by other professional reviewers.

These websites, in fact, don’t consider important the reviews written in the self-publishing platforms. These ones are surely very useful to begin and, above all, to sell books, but if an author remains inside these platforms, by hoping to promote himself through them and on social networks, he risks to lose his uniqueness and originality. Uniqueness is another secret to be successful. Only those who proved to be unique and different from other people managed to get a bright career in the universe of creative writing. Hence, a rightful effort is also the one to seek websites of book reviews which are available to review your books.

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