The Horseman (Land of the Morning Book 1) by Kristina O’Donnelly

November 3, 2015

thehorsemancoverThe present and the past wonderfully merged in an epic and gripping novel with a touch of magic. This is the description of a book that deserves absolutely to be read. It is titled The Horseman and this is the first novel of the series called: Land of The Morning. Its author is an Irish award winning novelist: Kristina O’Donnelly. She was born in Rome and lived in Turkey with her parents. Thanks to this deep life experience, the author developed a strong passion for writing, by challenging the style of Wilbur Smith.  The Horseman was her first book. Later, Kristina wrote the subsequent books of the trilogy called: “ Land of the Morning”.

Currently, the trilogy consists of well seven books. If you read the first, you’ll find a world of sensations and feelings and a romantic and sensual romance surrounded by a triangle of love among a blond American girl and two charming and handsome Turkish characters. The book also keeps a biographical touch since the author grew up in Turkey. The Horseman is also a detailed account about the controversial fight between Turks and Kurds, where the point of view of the author is heartfelt, unbiased and aimed to show the sometimes unexplainable complexity of the human life.

Prof. Karen-Claire Voss (Istanbul University) in her Introduction to this novel, writes, “Also interesting and at least as compelling is the brilliant, knowledgeable, and courageous way in which Kristina O Donnelly sheds light on the complex and controversial topic of the difficult relations between Kurds and Turks, an extremely sensitive issue, something which has been rarely discussed openly, still less has been made part of a love story”. Prophetic visions, religious plots and a journey from Turkey and Mecca to Ireland and the United States of America, let the main characters start their inner and personal quest for social justice.

The Horseman is classified like a fiction, but also like a religion book, because the plot includes the topic of reincarnation. After biological death, can men and women begin a new life in a new body or in a new soul? This detail makes the book still more compelling and interesting and turns it into a marvelous kaleidoscope of history, religion, culture, love and political issues.

Thanks to The Horseman , readers, especially those who live in the Western World and, above all, the European and Italian readers, will be able to understand what is happening in the Eastern World and what could still happen if the world does not learn to stop violence, ignorance and corruption.

The Horseman is a great book about diversity and peace and a call to live with no difference of religion, culture and gender. A book which can teach to stop the human lust for power and war and a magical tale where the memories of ancient beliefs and legends build a magnificent novel to be read over and over again.


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