The confidential files of Michael Jackson by Damian Iwueke

November 15, 2016

the-confidential-files-of-michael-jackson-front-coverNearly eight years after his death, this new book by Damian Iwueke released in October 2016 and titled The Confidential Files of Michael Jackson offers a nuanced portrait of Michael Jackson the late King of Pop. The book analyzed Jackson’s brutal encounter with the media and makes the case that Jackson was misinterpreted, humiliated and reduced to been a paedophile by the media so that they could sell newspapers.

the-confidential-files-of-michael-jackson-back-coverThe book highlighted how Rupert Murdoch owner of many British tabloids and mainstream newspapers through the work of one of his editors at the time, Rebekah Brooks benefitted from the lies his tabloids printed about Michael Jackson when the singer was alive and upon his death.The book also detailed how tabloids survive on blackmail and extortion. British and American tabloids such as the defunct News of the World, Sun on Sunday, The Sun, The Mirror, The People, Daily Star and the National Enquirer among others were all savaged in equal manner. Without fear, many other powerful individuals including Michael’s sister LaToya Jackson were also indicted as contributing to the downfall of Michael Jackson.

And with no holds barred, the author pointed out that President Barrack Obama, due to political correctness and out of jealousy, ignored the death and funeral service of a fellow great black man!

The book offers a narrative of Michael Jackson’s friendship with powerful individuals such as the late President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy, PresidentBill Clinton and his wife Hilary, Donald Trump, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, Stephen Alan Wynn-America’s casino mogul, Liza Minelli, Madonna, late Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor among others who ruled Hollywood and Chicago night life in those days, including some of the women Jackson slept with among them, Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley.

Others mentioned in the book include late Princess Diana, Mohammed Al Fayed, former owner of Harrods, Sir Alex Ferguson former Manager of Manchester United, Silvio Berlusconi former Italian Prime Minister, Nelson Mandela, Gordon Brown, Mick Jagger, Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson, David Beckham, John Terry, Russell Brand, TulisaContostavlos, Max Clifford, Bob Marley, Tupac, late Nigerian charismatic musician FelaAnikulapoKuti and other world celebrities.

The book narrates how Oprah Winfrey was a small town TV presenter until she interviewed Michael Jackson in 1993 after which she shot to prominence. The author claims that Michael Jackson made Oprah what she is today. Martin Bashir who made a damaging documentary about Michael Jackson was not spared either as the author claims that Bashir used Jackson to land a job with ABC news network in America.

Other powerful British and American journalists including the fake British Sheik MazharMahmood who has now been jailed for peddling false news were all mentioned as well as Victor Gutirrez, Diane Sawyer, Diane Dimond, Jane Velez Mitchell and Maureen Orth. The Los Angeles Police Dept, CNN and TMZ –the brash American online web news channel were also criticized in the role they played about Jackson’s life.

The book took a dig at present day wannabe celebrities such as the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Katie Price aka Jordan the English soft porn model among others to compare that Michael Jackson was the real celebrity and not them! The book claims that at the peak of his career, Michael Jackson’s global popularity surpassed that of the Pope, Coca-Cola and computer.

The book took 5 years to write with some of Jackson’s family members, former staff and associates speaking and revealing to the author a new side of the man whom many of us considered ‘strange’ and ‘mysterious’. Michael Jackson was a man whose life was a ‘thriller’ just like his music; he was also a person who fascinated the public until the very end.

The book is one of the best that has ever been written about Michael Jackson and is considered already as a best seller.

It is also available on amazon,,, (USA), (USA),  New Generation Books(UK) etc. Furthermore, it is available from book retailers and booksellers world wide and on for Italian readers.

This is a press release written by the author of the book.

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