The Cayman Hustle – a novel by Devi Di Guida

April 24, 2017

the cayman hustle cover

A novel  about a deaf and unemployed man who searches for his own redemption, fleeing to The Cayman Islands.


There are an estimated seventy million deaf people in the world and no clear statistics to show how many have jobs and how many are unemployed. My name is Kaman Colioni. I am deaf and currently unemployed. I have set my sights on the beautiful Cayman Islands with all intentions to hustle and find a job.

Twenty-five year old deaf college graduate Kaman Colioni’s life is on the downslide. The only girl he has ever loved, India Weinberger is now ex-girlfriend, leaving him heartbroken. He couldn’t find a job much less get his foot through the door for an interview. To top it off, Om-7, his hearing device is malfunctioning making him hear things that’s sending his brain into overdrive.
When a mysterious fan of his popular deaf blog offers him a ticket to the Cayman Islands, he grabs the opportunity to hustle down a job. His arrival in this Caribbean Paradise coincides with the appointment of a new governor. Here, Kaman finds his life taking a 360 degree spin. Within a weekend, he gets rolled, losing his money and identification, runs into his ex-psychotherapist who lures him into writing a memoir about being deaf, unwittingly stumbles into a stash of gold in a tropical underwater rainforest and is set up for possession of illegal substances which lands him in prison. During his incarceration, he learns that the gold was in fact, a billionaire’s secret game and ensconced within the loot was a Brazilian tourmaline rumoured to be a rare, rainbow colored chakra stone that’s worth millions.
Bailed out from prison by his conniving ex-psychotherapist who steals his Om-7, his hearing device, the unsuspecting Kaman struggles for survival as he is drawn into a world of scandals, felonious affairs and intrigue where his life and that of the governor becomes intermeshed. Who can a deaf man trust?

Author’s Bio
Devi Di Guida was born in Guyana. She studied French as a second language at McGill University and Creative Writing and Journalism at Concordia University. For the past fifteen years she has worked as a technical writer. She lives in Montreal, Canada with her Italian husband Giuseppe and their three children.

While vacationing in The Cayman Islands, she met a 25-year old deaf college student on a beach who was studying neuroscience. This, and her deaf sister influenced her into writing The Cayman Hustle with a deaf protagonist. Currently, she is working on her next novel titled The Chakra Stone.
“I have drawn from my own life in writing The Cayman Hustle. Thus, the main themes are multi-culturalism and the deaf community. All the characters in this novel introduces the reader to a different culture.”

The Cayman Hustle is available on and all Amazon bookstores worldwide.

This is a guest post written by the author.

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  • Gayle April 25, 2017 at 20:54

    I read the Cayman Hustle a few months ago. My husband is reading it now and I plan on reading it again before the next book is launched. It was a very interesting read – especially if you grew up in Montreal or lived there during the 80’s and 90’s. The author is a local resident and a very intelligent and interesting business woman. Readers will appreciate the research she has done to write this book. I loved her descriptive writing style; especially of the underwater search for the precious chakra stone. The Cayman creative writing style DiGuida uses is a retreat for anyone wanting to feel the hustle of the culture within this Paradise. The novel is a mixed cultural adventure in itself! I highly recommend it.

    • Devi Di Guida April 28, 2017 at 02:02

      Thank you Madame Gayle. I am so pleased that readers can resonate with the multi-cultural theme and the settings in Montreal and The Cayman Islands. Please let your friends know about this novel. Best to you, Devi Di Guida

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