The bilingual books by Emilio Esbardo

May 16, 2016

Julias Philosophie coverEmilio Esbardo’s books are unique, real and absolutely to read if you want to learn writing in another language. Emilio Esbardo is an Italian writer and a journalist that now lives and works in Berlin. He got a degree in foreign languages and literature at the University of Perugia and studied at an American university, also. The trilogy I have brought to you today consists of three books, namely: Julias Philosophie, Tales under the stars
and Perugia, between images and words, my poetic manifest.

When I said these books are very original it is because are written in two different languages. Julias Philosophie (Zweisprachiges Buch), for instance, has been written in Italian and Deutsch, whereas Tales under the stars ( Racconti sotto le stelle) has been written in English and Italian. Both of the languages enhance the value of these literary works. In his bilingual writing Emilio Esbardo gives us all his narrative power. This genial author wrote six books overall, but I focused only on these three because I believe they can show the real soul of Emilio.

He is indeed a special man and writer because he speaks four languages: Italian, English, Deutsch and Spanish. His works are among the few that has been written simultaneously in different languages and I suggest that you read them to learn bilingual writing.

The author signed these books with the nickname of Natalino Bardi. Regarded as post-modern stories which retrace the gloomy feelings of the past, these Multilanguage books offer us a new way to make modern literature. In the first bilingual book Julias Philosophie, written also in Italian as La Filosofia di Julia, the character, Julias, indeed, will become the German woman of Natalino Bardi.

This is a real modern girl, torn, at first, but not too much, between two men and just for this she’ll give birth to an exciting tangle of love and sex. But the erotic spell abruptly breaks when she meets a fifty year old charming man and at this stage, the novel turns into an unforgettable flow of poetry and emotions. Tales under the stars is instead a heartfelt collection of short stories about relationships, love stories and cultural exchanges among the young people who attend the faculties of the international environment of the University in Perugia.

The latter, Perugia, is the main character of the third book, titled Perugia, between images and words, my poetic manifest ( this book is not bilingual, but released only in the German and Italian edition). This is not a novel, but a photo collection about the most beautiful images of Perugia, where the author added also descriptions made by a lyrical and sweet tenderness translated into stunning words. Perugia is the Italian home of literature, art and culture, its monuments and university can embrace several people and believes, but this city also needs to be made eternal thanks to books like the ones written by talented Multilanguage author Emilio Esbardo.

To read and buy these books, please click on the links above. I think you’ll enjoy these books very much. Plot and writing are really enthralling and moreover, thanks to the fact they are bilingual works, you can also learn another language. For more information about the author, please visit his official website:

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