The best e-readers to read your favourite ebooks

May 30, 2017

e-readersToday, I have found myself to clean my shelves from paper piles and a mountain of paper sheets. I raised much dust, you can’t imagine how much. For this reason, I decided to write this article about the best e-readers to read our favourite e-books. Sure, paper books are always the best to read, but e-readers have the advantage to let you read many books without taking much space in your home or in your bag when you go on holidays. Hence, the best solution to read our favourite books can also be a good e-reader. Nowadays, you can also read ebooks through your tablet, but often, tablets spend many internal sources because we also use them as notebooks or smartphones.

E-readers, instead, are created just to read e-books and have the unique function to download our favourite kindle books or other ebook formats for reading on the screen. Said like this, it seems an easy solution to buy an e-readers, but since market nowadays is filled with several kinds of e-readers, it is better to evaluate this product carefully before buying. The main requirement of a good e-reader is the light, this function must allow you to read e-books with no damage to your eyes. According to many trusted Internet sources, the best e-readers are the following products:

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle E-reader
Amazon Kindle Oasis
Amazon Kindle Voyage
Kobo Aura H2O
Barnes & Noble NOOK GlowLight Plus .

The e-readers, I listed here are between 6 and 6.8 inches. Personally, I read e-books on a tablet with 7 inches. However, unlike e-readers, tablets have a small bug: they glare under the sun or artificial light. Hence, if we must take care of our eyes, we must read e-books only on e-readers which have no reflection troubles in the screen.

After affirming this, we all know that the best working e-readers are also the ones that have a high price. I think this is the minor problem, because if you love reading e-books, you can download free ebooks or low price books through your e-reader.

Everybody knows that ebooks cost lesser than paper books. Hence, if you spent much money to buy your favourite e-reader to read your favourite e-book, you’ll save much money to buy books. The e-readers I listed above are also glare-free.  Another useful function of some e-readers is that you can read also at night. If you look at the e-readers, I listed above, the unique product without the function of built in light is Kindle E-reader. That is also the less expensive product. Barnes & Noble e-reader  is water and dustproof, instead.

If you don’t need to read e-books at night,  you can also buy Kindle E-reader , because this is the less expensive e-reader with the same excellent functions of the more expensive ones. The surface of this e-reader is made of particles that offer you the effect of a paper book on the screen. With this function, you feel less fatigue on your eyes because the text always remains clear and perfectly readable. The battery of an e-reader has also a long duration, also over a month against the two, three hours of tablet and smartphone.

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