The best book read in 2014 by Advicesbooks

January 9, 2015

Dear readers and authors, today we have shipped the prize for the best book we have read in 2014. As we said in this article, the prize consists of two categories: established and translated authors and new authors. We sent by email a pdf file containing the Advicesbooks logo, the cover of the rewarded book and a praise to its author. Well, the authors rewarded for the best book we have read in 2014 are


Steven Manchester and G. J.Wise. Steven Manchester wrote the novel titled Gooseberry Island and he won the prize for the established and translated authors category, while G.J.Wise, who wrote the horror novel Spiritwood, won the prize for the new authors category. According Advicesbooks, Steven Manchester deserved the prize for creating a wonderful love story that also contains an important message to stop war and foster peace in the world. G.J. Wise has been rewarded for writing a horror fiction enriched of strong emotional strain from the first to last page.

During 2014 we have read and reviewed many books. We also read very interesting books, but the prize is for two authors only: a new novelist and an established author. You can read the reviews of the awarded books at these links:

During this year, we’ll read other books to be reviewed and we are also sure to find other masterpieces to reward as the best book read by Advicesbooks in 2015!

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