best grace kelly biography bookWhat is the best biography book on Grace Kelly? If you don’t know, the Princess of Monaco was the symbol of the fashion of the past century. She was also a very famous American actress, even directed by the great movie director Alfred Hitchcock. Many of her movies are still unforgettable, such as Rear Window (1954). The life of Grace Kelly changed suddenly a couple of years later, when she met and married the prince of Monaco, Rainier. After this marriage, she became the Princess of this little European realm, a real wife and a mother and became well known as America’s Princess. She died in 1982, after a car accident. Her death is still surrounded by mystery, because Princess Grace was only slightly injured by this car accident. Indeed, she died some days later at the hospital in Monaco from cerebral hemorrhage. Since then, many journalists and criminologists have claimed the thesis of a secret plot to kill the Princess.

However, Grace Kelly was and is a real icon of the style of the XX century, for her legendary life and her equally legendary love story with Rainier of Monaco. In reality, the truth about the life and the death of Grace Kelly has never been revealed, despite many biography books written about her. Her fans and readers (me included) are still trying to discover who really Grace Kelly was. There have always been  poor news around her, because the princess loved a secluded and calm life. Nevertheless, Grace was also a famous actress and this role didn’t fit a secluded life. Was she forced to renounce to her career? Which is the truth about her relationship with Prince Rainier of Monaco? These answers can only be found in comprehensive biography books on Grace Kelly, or rather, in the best biography book about the life of the actress.

At the moment, the best Grace Kelly biography book is High Society: The Life of Grace Kelly, written by the famous biographer Donald Spoto, who wrote other biography books, such as the one on Marilyn Monroe.
The author tells about the Hollywood career of Grace Kelly, her legendary life and her private struggles.

Another biography book that casts a light on the entire life of Grace Kelly is Grace: Her Lives – Her Loves: The startling royal exposé by Robert Lacey. The book is the enhanced edition of a best-seller written in 1994. This book reveals the true personality of the actress and that she was not a famous and legendary princess, but a complex and conflicted woman. The book also explores the life of Grace before and after the marriage with Rainier of Monaco and provides further details about her early death.

This book is also regarded as one the best biographies on Grace Kelly, namely True Grace: The Life and Times of an American Princess by Wendy Leigh. Through access to undisclosed and private sources, the book delves into the most intimate desires of Grace and into her endless ambition to become an actress.

A must-read Grace Kelly biography is Once Upon a Time: Behind the Fairy Tale of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier by J. Randy Taraborrelli. That is a book that reveals what forced Grace Kelly to abandon her previous life as an actress.

Another must-read biography is Grace Kelly of Monaco: The Inspiring Story of How An American Film Star Became a Princess by Jennifer Warner.

Other interesting biography books on Grace Kelly are:

The Grimaldis of Monaco: Centuries of Scandal, Years of Grace by Anne Edwards

Grace of Monaco: The True Story by Jeffrey Robinson

My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco by Joan Dale

The Grace Kelly Years: Princess of Monaco by Frederic Mitterrand

Grace of Monaco: An Interpretive Biography by Steven Englund

Grace Kelly: Icon of Style to Royal Bride by H. Kristina Haugland, a fashion book about the wedding dress that Grace Kelly donated to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Grace: An Intimate Portrait of Princess Grace by Her Friend and Favorite Photographer Howell Conant. Through an introduction by author Todd Brewster, the book is a stunning collection of never published private and public images about Grace Kelly.

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