What is the best biography on Marilyn Monroe?
Many books have been written about the most famous and loved actress in the world. Many words have been written on her tormented life, her childhood, film career, relationships with men and her tragic death.

The high sources on Marilyn make quite difficult to find a serious and well written biography. During the years, thousands books, stories and reviews on Marilyn’s life have been product and probably all the attention for this beautiful actress is caused by different secrets and mysteries around her death. In the most cases, the world of biographic books on Marilyn is just inspirated by the actress death.

Some books are considered like trash by many readers, others, instead, focus the story on hypothetical conspiracies that caused the actress death. In fact, biographic books on Marilyn are divided in “the murder books” and the “suicide books”.

According to press and media, the best books on Marylin’s life is Marilyn Monroe: The Biography, written by Donald Spoto. This book is considered the most accurate and complete biography about the actress. The author tells the actress death without consider the murder, but only the accidental death of Marilyn.

This book counts 750 pages and reveals also inedited details on actress’ life. The Guardian suggests the best ten books on Marilyn and put the book by Donald Spoto into the tenth position.

Recently, I learnt about another very interesting biography about this actress.
That is the book titled The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe by J. Randy Taraborrelli, who revealed  shocking details that none has never been told, before now, about the private life of Marilyn.

The other books I recommend that you read are: Marilyn Monroe by Eve Arnold;

MARILYN, MON AMOUR: The private album of Andre de Dienes, her preferred photographer

Marilyn Monroe: On the Couch: Inside the Mind and Life of Marilyn Monroe

On Loving, Hating, & Living Well: The Public Psychoanalytic Lectures of Ralph R. Greenson
The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and of his friend Marilyn Monroe by Andrew O’Hagan (5-May-2011)

My Story by Marilyn Monroe;

Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates.

According to many readers there are other interesting books on Marilyn Monroe.

These are: Legend: The Life and Death of Marilyn Monroe, which is considered the best second book after the one written by Donald Spoto and The DD Group: An Online Investigation Into the Death of Marilyn Monroe by David Marshall.

Another excellent book is  Marilyn Monroe: Private and Undisclosed by Michelle Morgan.

A further biographical book about Marilyn Monroe which is worth a read is Bombshell: The Night Bobby Kennedy Killed Marilyn Monroe by Mike Rothmiller and Douglas Thompson, two Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling authors. Released in 2021, the book is fairly controversial, because it reveals shocking details about the death of the actress. Through secretive police files, indeed, this biography proves that Robert Kennedy was directly involved in the tragic end of Marilyn. The book also narrates her tumultuous relationships with Robert and his brother John.

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