Fundraising for Advicesbooks Prize 2015 – Upgrade
Advicesbooks Prize / March 6, 2015

Dear  friends, readers, book lovers, bloggers, writers and so on. This is an important upgrade about the fundraising for Advicesbooks Prize 2015. Click on the previous live link to read the first news about this Prize. This year, Advicesbooks, the website of book reviews and book promotion, has decided to organize the Prize to reward and pay the best book we’ll read in 2015. Last year, we organized only a symbolic prize with  a certificate containing praises,  the title of the rewarded book and its author. This year, Advicesbooks wants to make much more: to pay authors, every day committed to write new stories and novels. Writing is a passion, sure, but if this passion is rewarded, it is better! In this post we are updating the news about all that happened after publishing the first article about the Advicesbooks Prize 2015. Here is an abstract about the same article: “The amount of the prize depends on how much money we’ll raise during this year. The donations are opened as of today and will end on December 31, 2015. The Prize for the best book read by Advicesbooks in 2015 will be delivered within the second half of January 2016….