Review of The Lost Ones by Pete Prown
Book reviews , Fiction , Free ebooks / June 16, 2015

This book starts like a fun tale, continues like an investigation story and ends like a great mystery. I am speaking about The Lost Ones, the fiction-mystery-fantasy book written by Pete Prown. The book is included in a classic fantasy series, titled “The Chronicles of Dorroā€¯ and set in the Middle Age in a village named Thimble Down. It is summer, between July and August, there is a hellish hot and the village is suffering a severe and dramatic drought. Wells are nearly dry and the villagers are engaged to drill new wells in order to find water for the whole town. During a wedding, a five year old child is kidnapped. Two weeks later, another little girl misses. In charged of the inquiries, it is Dorro, a brave and bold boy who is also a bookmaster and the deputy of the Sheriff Forgo. Dorro tries to find out where the missed children are and abruptly he stumbles on a murky story of children trafficking, perhaps headed by a strange ship docked on the banks of the Sea Dog. Meanwhile, in the Thimble Down, a strange person arrives, that is the bookseller Rufus accompanied by his fellow and painter Edmond….