Best books 2017 rewarded by Advicesbooks Prize
Advicesbooks Prize , Press Releases / January 22, 2018

My dear book lovers, if you want to know the best books read in 2017, you must look at this article. Here, in fact, I provided information about the best books I read last year. And yes, welcome to the fourth edition of Advicesbooks Prize, an online literary prize to reward the best books read by this book review blog every year. However, this year, the prize brings an important new, namely I rewarded only the best books written by new authors, while in the past years, I rewarded even the best book written by famous and translated novelists. Indeed, the previous literary prizes were split into two categories, namely: famous and translated novelists and self published and new authors. Unfortunately, last year I didn’t read particularly interesting books written by this category of authors and so, I preferred rewarding only the ones written by new and self-published authors . This year, hence, the prize includes only one category: new and self-published authors. Last year, in 2017, I read very interesting books, both fiction and nonfiction. I am very sorry for not rewarding everybody, but the prize is only for the books I appreciated a bit of more than others….

Advicesbooks Prize 2015
Advicesbooks Prize / January 7, 2016

Dear authors and readers, today I have shipped the Literary prize for the second Edition of Advicesbooks Prize 2015. As last year,  I have rewarded the two authors of the best book I read and reviewed in 2015. The Prize was, indeed, split into two categories: established and translated novelists and new and self-published authors. Last years, I also started a fundraising to reward and pay the best authors, but the rule was that the payment could be done only if the fundraising was able to raise 500 dollars, at least. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to raise funds for the prize, but only a lot of spam and for this reason I closed this initiative last December, 31,2015. However, I decided to keep the appointment with the prize and just as last year, I shipped two certificates in pdf to the new winners of this edition of Advicesbooks Prize 2015. They are: Swedish translated novelist Carl -Johan Vallgren for the book titled The Merman,  and American self-published author Grant Miller for the book titled Achilla The Strong. The reasons that led me to ship the Prize to them are contained in the certificate. The praise for Carl -Johan Vallgren is…