Professional book reviews for indie writers
Book promotion / February 15, 2017

Before writing this article, I wondered if I had better write a new book review or not. Then, I decided to write an article titled as above: professional book reviews for indie writers. They were just indie writers who inspired me this post, or rather, the dozens of book submissions I receive from them every day for reviews, press releases and so on. As many users know, this is an Italian book promotion site that offers paid book promotion services, book reviews included. Many times, indie authors submit their books for review by filling out the submission form and accepting to pay for review. However, when they receive a payment request from the online system of this website, some of them refuse to pay for review. The reason of this reaction is very common: they expect and demand free book reviews. Indeed, “free book reviews ” is the most searched key phrase on the Internet.

Is it ethical or unethical to pay for book reviews?
Writing / April 23, 2015

Today, I would like to reply to this question because I am annoyed to hear writers and authors wonder if is it ethical or unethical to pay for being reviewed. Let’s start with a principle: when you ask someone to review your book,  it would be right to pay. After this consideration, it would be wonderful to understand if a book review is a service or a favor.   In the editorial market, reviews are divided in editorial reviews and customer reviews. The first ones are those opinions written by professional writers, bloggers, journalists or book reviewers, while the second ones are those written by customers who buy your books. Useless to say that when a customer put a review on Amazon, Goodreads and other websites of book reviews, this happens because he/she liked the book very much. However, to get a success with a new book, many customer reviews are needed! A customer is available to review a new book for free if the author gives him a free copy. There is hence a natural trade between the author and his/her reader. A professional book review is fully different: that is a book promotion service. This service is also…