Junkyard Lucy by Tony Nesca added to an Italian library

Today, I am glad to announce again I added a new book in English to an Italian library. This time, the book is Junkyard Lucy, by Canadian/Italian writer/poet Tony Nesca. Tony and his wife, Nicole I. Nesca, run their own independent publishing company called Screamin’ Skull Press – Inside this company, Tony and Nicole Nesca publish only their own books, a kind of literature they define as “renegade, unconventional and rebellious”, literary terms also associated with a tradition called “underground literature”. Junkyard Lucy is a collection of short stories, Tony’s sixteenth book. Stylistically alternating between Nesca’s unique free-flow style, full of that incredible, rhythmic prose that only he can do, and street-tough, short declarative sentences, the writing shows incredible range. The themes are varied and widespread – from love, sex, music, death, old age, rebellious youth and everything in-between, Junkyard Lucy is a subversive celebration of being alive, a romantic, sexually charged discourse on life, unfettered and free. Everything unravels in ‘Junkyard Lucy’, Nesca’s sixteenth published book. This isn’t just a book of short stories about life, but a searing and intense exploration of humanity that truly knows no rules.Nesca is bucking all trends with gusto – waging war on…

Junkyard Lucy by Tony Nesca shortlisted for a literary award
Press Releases / May 4, 2017

A self-published novel shortlisted for a literary award. Read the press release to know more about this. Dear authors and readers, I am very happy to inform you that one of my authors, Tony Nesca, a Canadian writer born in Turin and residing in Canada, wrote a new novel, titled Junkyard Lucy, which was shortlisted for The Margaret Laurence Award for fiction. Tony and his wife Nicole promoted their books on this book promotion site some months ago and today I am very glad to hearing about this award. In the following paragraphs, you can read the press release about this event. Junkyard Lucy by Tony Nesca shortlisted for The Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction – Canadian Author Throws Literary Rulebook Out of Window, Releasing “Rebellious” Book of Short Stories that Captures Life’s Boundless Tapestry. The whopping sixteenth book by Tony Nesca, ‘Junkyard Lucy’ is a bold and intense collection of stories that free-flow to cover everything from sex and death to rebellious youths, music and love. It’s all part of Nesca’s mandate to wage war on literary mediocrity, stand out from the crowd and compel readers to cut to the core of what it really means to be human….