Unexpected America by Wanjiru Warama
Biography , Press Releases / February 27, 2017

During his political campaign, the new President of the United States said: “We’ll make America great again”. This sentence was also the slogan who led President Donald Trump to win the presidential election. This sentence includes a great dream, namely a better life and a better future in the United States, a great Country, really, which people always regarded as the home of freedom and democracy. How many times, people dreamt to flee the United States looking for a new job and a new life and above all, how many people hoped to escape poverty and misery relocating to the US? Many times, surely. Behold, this is a book about this dream, this is an excellent memoir about an American dream broken very soon. This is “Unexpected America“, the biographical book written by Wanjiru Warama, an African author who studied in an American School in Kenya and that, years ago, made an important decision: go to the United States. Yes, she was a migrant, one among tons of migrant who every day get on board of unsafe ships to go to Europe, especially in Italy, maybe near the Sicilian coasts.