That is a book about a travel experience which turns into a spiritual journey. If I would have read this literary work in a different time, I would have recommended it to travel lovers, but today, in these hard days and after diving into the wonderful remembrances of the author, I can absolutely say that this book is for everybody, especially for those who are struggling with fear, panic and grief.

The story is about the quest for a new way of living. And that is my review about the book titled: To Find: The Search For Meaning In Life On The Gringo Trail. The work is a heartfelt memoir written by J.R. Klein about his travel through Mexico and Central America in 1980.

The writing style is poetical, such as a fiction book, even though is true like the experience the author narrated.

At the beginning of the story, the author, who chooses to be called Alex, is a science student in the United States. He has a girlfriend, but he does not feel fulfilled. We are in the 1980s; Alex feels emptiness in his life and, to get rid by his inner suffering, decides to start an adventurous travel to Mexico and Central America along with his friend photographer. The travel is very cheap (less than 5 euro dollars per day) and simultaneously marvelous. Indeed, the book drives readers to a fantastic path made of Maya temples, hills, sudden twists, hot days and wonderful starred nights.

During this literary travel, readers can sense the sound of nature, the pace of time, sunrise and sunset, where the protagonist experiences the fight to survive to a hurricane or to the danger to be shot by a killer during the rampage of a civil war. And while you read this memoir, you’ll retrace an important piece of the history of Mexico and Guatemala, where people want still to be your amigos and God knows how much need of friendship we have in these awful days.

I know the writing style of J.R. Klein. He is the author of a beautiful thriller I awarded as the best book of 2017. He mentioned it in the latest page of his new book and I feel honored by that. Nowadays, Mankind needs to change mindset. We need to breathe fresh air, even though locked down at home. While I was reading these beautiful pages, I felt the power of life pulsing in my soul. For a while, I forgot grief and fear and felt as if I were really transported to the same places of the book.

This memoir is a true caress on our cheeks. It is like a gentle sound of hope. You can perceive it in the pages about the trips aboard ruined caravans or when the author tells to be amid the buzz of mosquitoes and hammocks built hastily for the afternoon “siesta”. To Find is a story written to help us change and grow.

That is a book of courage and wonders, where human beings, who believe to know, realize that they know nothing, at all. We are all unaware in front of unknown events of life. Often we are helpless and unarmed! Hugs and kisses are all we need these days and this book is just that: a great hug to our life, a call to be strong and undertake a spiritual journey everywhere we are. Even at home. Start your inner journey now, read To Find: The Search For Meaning In Life On The Gringo Trail by J. R. Klein. I promise you that the book will help you forget your grief, for a while.

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