the missing girl jenny quintana coverThe Missing Girl is the debut novel by Jenny Quintana.

The Kindle edition of this mystery thriller has been released on September 1, 2018, while the paperback will be available on September 20, 2018.

And yet, the book is already a best seller  regarded as the most addictive mystery novel of the year.

How it was possible?

Read my review to discover it.

The Missing Girl is unusually and fully different from other mystery novels.

The plot tells about a girl missed over thirty years ago, Gabriella, and her sister Anna, who is unable to forget this shocking missing.

It was 1982 when Gabriella missed from her town. She never came back home from the school. The two sisters, Anna and Gabriella, felt a deep affection each other. Their relationship was full of attention and caring. The world of Anna falls apart after the missing of her sister and the author has described this emotion very well. The novel shows all of the whole grief of the loss, as it can happen in every family.

But Anna’s family is not like the others. What is obvious for the other families of the village, is not the same for her family. Anna hears Dad and Mommy discuss in a low voice, as if they would protect her from some danger or secret. All the entire novel turns around the same question: What happened to Gabriella?

That is why The Missing Girl by Jenny Quintana is so gripping and overwhelming, but there is another reason, as well. This is not the usual and boring mystery novel, where girls are kidnapped or murdered or buried under the soil of a wood. The Missing Girl is much more,  because Jenny Quintana focused her attention to the spoiled and very secretive relationships between her parents and her relatives.

The author talks about a generation of liars, a small group of acquaintances and neighbors who are accustomed to have secrets. Under a blanket of lies, the main character of the novel, Anna, who survived to the missing of her loved sister Gabriella, does not surrender and fights to find the truth. The novel has been written in first person, the narrating voice is the one of Anna, who recalls her past with her sister through very poignant flashbacks.

The Missing Girl has been split into two important branches, our current days and 1982. Nowadays Anna is an established teacher who works between London and Athens. She never recovered from the missing of her sister. After 30 years, she is still obsessed and ready to do anything to discover the truth. Surrounded by a world of defeatists, including the policemen in charge of the investigation, she looks for the guilty who kidnapped her sister.

The personage of Anna reminded me the author. Jenny Quintana is, indeed , an English teacher who works between London and Athens and who achieved the dream to be a successful novelist. The human emotions are all in this breathtaking novel .

Sometimes, the central chapters of the story can be a little slow and boring, but then , the emotional strain grows and shapes a novel to read in one breath. And you? Have you read The Missing Girl by Jenny Quintana? Let me know if you liked it.

Title: The Missing Girl

Author: Jenny Quintana

Publisher: Pan Mcmillan

Pages: 336

Available on Amazon.

3 Replies to “Review the Missing Girl by Jenny Quintana”

  1. .Gitte de Sainte Marie

    Sorry, I have to comment again about the secrets of that generation. My granddad who I loved very much got divorced around 1942-43. At that time it was very unusual. Nobody ever spoke about my grandmother – it was as if she was dead … Nobody made my mother marry someone else when she found out that she was pregnant. She found somebody herself, but at that time – end of the 50ties, beginning of the 60ties – it was impossible to have a child without being married – it was a great shame. Luckily everything has changed : people divorce in numbers, they have children without being married, homosexuality is more and more accepted. We – the children from the 60ties and after – we don’t need secrets anymore !

  2. .Gitte de Sainte Marie

    I bought this book on the ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe on the 22th of September 2018. I still had two hours to kill before arriving at Dieppe. Danielle Steel, Jackie Collins and many others. Somehow this book got my attention. The title, the frontpage image, the summary on the backside ? When I started reading it, I was immediately hooked ! English is not my mothertongue, so I appreciated the short sentences and not a lot of words I didn’t know and even then, I could often guess the meaning. The language is very poetical too.

    I also appreciated the period – I was born in 1960, so I’m 10 years older than Anna. I was 22 in 1982 and loved Siouxie and the Banshees, Clash and Kate Bush ! My mother was pregnant when she married a man who was not the father of her child which was me … he was not as nice as Anna’s dad though …

    Very, very lovely book ! I can only imagine how stressfull it must be for Jenny Quintana to produce another book after this one…

    • Rosalba Mancuso

      Hi Gitte, thank you so much for your double comment.
      I greatly appreciated that you read an English book even though you are not a native English.
      Yes, this novel is easy to read thanks to the short sentences.
      A great writer is always capable to write clear, gripping and short sentences.
      Continue reading good books, then.

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