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“As human beings, our success or failure depends on our relationship with Creation”. This is not the usual quote you find in the usual book, but the stunning meaning of a wonderful memoir written by former Italian actress Daniela Giordano.

Titled The Dream Visitor, the book is the English edition of Daniela Giordano’s biography. The original Italian title, in fact, was and is “Tre Vite in Una”.

The Dream Visitor has been translated into English by the same author and traditionally published by an American publisher.

For her part, Daniela Giordano has always had a special relationship with the impossible and supernatural side of life. Indeed, the subtitle of her work is: The Life of An Unusual Woman Changed by Encounters with the Impossible.

In her lifetime, Mrs. Giordano met success, fame and glory. Born in Palermo, Sicily’s chief town, Daniela won the title of the popular beauty contest Miss Italia at the end of the 1960s.

Soon after, the title of Queen of Beauty led her to the fabulous world of Film, starring 40 movies and working also abroad with great names, such as Christopher Plummer and David Hasselhoff (the protagonist of the popular science-fiction series Knight Rider).

But the book does not narrate only the life of the actress, but her personal path to become a scientist and an expert of Extrasensory Perception, a very interesting paranormal ability also known as ESP or sixth sense.

It was during an interview as an actress, while she tried replying to a journalist question about her other interests that Daniela revealed to love astronomy and parapsychology.

Her quest started from there, and it will drive the author to the world of telepathy, psychokinesis, parapsychology, and also to the most exoteric places in Italy and around the world, accompanied by her life companion Emilio.

Daniela fought a lot to prove her theories and made valuable experiments. She also met guys who were capable of bending objects with the power of the mind.

Skeptical scientists always denied mysterious powers or supernatural forms of energy coming from our mind, but the author has not stopped to the oddities and enriched her own studies with a bibliography by other scholars and eminent professors who reached her same conclusions.

I read the book at night, and felt invaded by a pleasurable sense of peace. Even a book can convey energy, when written with the sweetness of the writing style of Daniela, because it conveys positive emotions.

In this case, I don’t understand all the skepticism Daniela met during her unconventional journey across the unexplored aspects of Science. Living and no-living matters are made of molecules and atoms moving with electromagnetic waves. Just think that when two atoms split, they emit a big amount of energy.

And about kinetic energy bending objects, even our Lord said that if we had a faith as big as a grain of sand we could move mountains, as well! This sentence involves a concept of mental energy.

Hence, the subject should be clearly understandable to anyone, and not superficially dismissed. But the author endured a die-hard prejudice in her lifetime: she is a woman, and as such, destined to marry and have children, not to be a thinker.

Fortunately, Daniela challenged the shabby fate designed by those who, at the time, were unable to freely think, and crafted the perfect book to read in these dark times dominated by materialism.

It is just materialism which kills every spiritual connection with our soul, leading us nowhere, to a world populated by wars and pollution, without dreams and hope.

Conversely, this is the book which calls us to still believe in our dreams and the marvels of our mind.

Dreams can come true, if we have the power to believe in them. The brain has been gifted with extraordinary powers. It is just a matter of energy. It does not matter if you name it God, mind, spirit or soul.

What matters is that when you read a book like this, it means that up there, and down here, someone loves us and is saying that we, all, have the power to change the world.  

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