Review of Origin by Dan Brown

December 10, 2018

origin dan brown coverOrigin is the latest book written by the famous novelist Dan Brown. That is the seventh thriller novel and the fifth with Robert Langdon as a protagonist.  If you want to know more about this novel, read my review. I read this novel in the past weeks, in one breath. I never read the other books by Dan Brown, but only seen the movies. Well, after reading Origin, I think that the movie directors or screen players didn’t read the novels by Dan Brown before shooting the movies. I don’t like the movies drawn from Dan Brown’s novels, but I liked Origin, very much! Why? Continue reading my review to better know my opinion about the book. I just said that Origin is a masterpiece, because it is a perfect novel. The plot is perfect, writing style is perfect, the underlying meaning is perfect. Let’s start from the plot.


The plot of Origin is closely intertwined with the most current topics of our modern world. These topics are perfectly linked to the subtopics of Religion and Science. The main fictional characters of the book by Dan Brown are Edmond Kirsch, an atheist and billionaire futurologist, and Robert Langdon. The latter, a professor of religious symbolism, has been the teacher of Edmond, who, in turn, has been able, over the years, to become a skilled informatics genius. It is thanks to his skills that Edmond makes a shocking discovery about the origin of life on Earth. The discovery can answer to the most controversial questions asked by human beings: Where we come from? Where we go?

The answers are contained just in the discovery of Edmond Kirsch. However, this discovery can shake the religious beliefs that rule our life. To reveal his discovery, Edmond organizes a global show, broadcasted through a computer streaming from the most magnificent Museum in Bilbao, Spain. The futurologist invited also his friend and professor Robert Langdon to the show.

The event of Edmond Kitsh is unique and the world is about to attend a revelation that will change the history of Mankind forever, upsetting dogmas and principles considered as truths and opening the way to oncoming and unthinkable future. I have still in my mind the several characters of the book. Bishops, priests, the stunning descriptions of the Spanish cathedrals, the secrets of the same characters, the conspiracies to prevent Edmond from broadcasting his discovery.

I must also say that, all the descriptions, places, religious organizations and scientific facts mentioned in the book are real. I think about the Palmarian church, for example.
This way, Dan Brown made shocking this reading also for me and I think for you, as well.

Writing style

Origin, by Dan Brown is a brilliant example of high literature. The writing style is fast – paced, with hints that keep readers glued to every page relentlessly. Every word is like a spell that mesmerizes and invites to know more. Especially the truth! Yes, because the author cleverly dosed the sense of anticipation in every written word.


When authors write a book, they always want to convey a message or their personal belief about life, religion, science, politic, economy and more. The meaning conveyed by Origin is as shocking and compelling as the entire book. Dan Brown brought the most burning topics of the modern world in front of our eyes , with all of their contradictions and uncontrollable modernity. Technology, Science and Religion have never been so closely explored and ripped apart.

The underlying meaning of the novel is like this sentence: Whoever you are. Anything you believe in. Everything is about to change.

I must admit that at a certain stage of the novel, I felt the same feelings of the above mentioned sentences.

If you haven’t read Origin, by Dan Brown, yet, I advise that you read it immediately, because it is a real literary masterpiece.

If you have already read it, instead. What you felt? Let me know your opinion. Thanks.

Title: Origin

Author: Dan Brown

Pages: 656

Publisher: Anchor

Available on: Amazon

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