Review of Wychetts by William Holley

July 7, 2015

This is a very strange book. It is strange because it starts like a comic and funny story and continues like a horror topped off with a pitch of mystery and suspense. I am speaking about of Wychetts, the fiction book written by William Holley. This is the first of the series titled Wychetts written in September 2014 and published on the website Wychetts tells about the story of a family composed of a couple of random partners, she has divorced and him also, and their respective children: Bryony, the daughter of him and Edwin, the son of her.

The two children, at last, proved to be the real characters of the book, while their parents take a secondary, but likewise funny role, in a book that I can also define a very interesting adventure in the dark of an ominous and decaying cottage called Wychetts. This cottage is in reality a house built over 500 years ago and containing a terrible secret : inside the foundations of this crumbling hovel there is a malevolent power. Bryony and Edwin are forced to live in this cottage because their parents could not afford to buy a better one.

This cottage is really a bad hovel, with sagging ceiling, crumbling walls and cracked floor. Suddenly, the two stepbrothers discovers that, inside Wychetts, all desires can come true, but only when the children desire the same thing and work together to save Wychetts from demolition planned by the ugly member of a mysterious Council. Bryony and Edwin are indeed the descendants of the Old Ones a sort of ancient tribe in charge of defending the property of Wychetts by the evil Shadow Clan, where all wizards and witches belong.

I must admit that this book had a strange effect over me. When I started reading, I thought it was not interesting, later, page after page, the story has become more and more compelling and capable to provide interesting insights that pushed me to continue reading. At a certain point, I did not nearly want to leave the book to review it, because when I write a book review, I mean I finished reading a work.

Every chapter of the book is curious and funny, the Bryony’s father, is a silly man capable to say only: “ this is the first thing I’ll sort out tomorrow”, when he talks about the refurbishment works to do in the house, while Edwin’s mother is the classic woman blinded by love and unable to see danger hidden inside Wychetts.

The most important stage of the story is in the chapter where Bryony and Edwin must decide to save Wychetts from destruction, if the house is destroyed, the evil power of the house will destroy the world. But the two children quarrel about their desires, proving that human beings tend to be selfish even in front of important and useful choices for others. At this point, what decision will Bryony and Edwin make ? Find out, by reading the book.

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