Review of The Necklace III by Linda S. Rice

June 30, 2016

the necklace III coverI am really glad to review the third episode of the book series titled The Necklace. In the past months, I indeed reviewed the first two episodes of this fabulous time travel romance written by Linda S. Rice.  This time, I am still more glad to review the third book, because I believe it is the right book to read, just in this particular moment of the global history. The Necklace III, in fact, has been set in London. And never as these days, this big city is at the centre of the global attention because of the Brexit, namely the referendum voted by the British people to leave the European Union.

In The Necklace III, the author tells about London of 1967, the fabulous city of The Beatles. The famous band, indeed, reached the peak of success in that year and the plot of the novel just remembered me that musical epoch.  In the book, subtitled London, July 1967, the main characters, Susan and James find themselves entrapped into a love affair with a strong erotic background, along with the other two Susan’s friends, Alice and Joy. But before getting to this stage, the author offers us an amazing twist at the beginning of the story. In the future, Susan believes his husband betrayed her with his new legal assistant.

To forget this grief and to see back her loved James, Susan gets in touch again with the two friends in Haiti, two kinds of modern witches who send people to the past in the body they had in the epoch they want to visit. To undertake this new time travel, Susan asks to be accompanied by her friends Alice and Joy. To travel to the past, the three women have been turned into thousands of little particles and transported to London in the 1967. In the past, they have also been hired in the most important theatre in London and have very shaped and sensual female bodies.

In 1967, Susan, who in the future is a sixty year woman, is 22 years old and has also been hired as a dancer and as the receptionist of the theatre where James records his songs along with his band. Five years have passed since the last time she has seen James in the past, namely in 1962. To prevent James recognizes her, Susan changed her name into Suzanne, but the deception does not last long, because a day, Susan discovers the bossy and scruffy James, alone, in a room, after drinking and smoking marijuana, with his clothes soaked with vomit and even with something more…

She helps James heal and he naturally recognizes her. But James is always James, a bossy and presumptuous man who wants to turn his women into submissive waitresses. Among Susan and James, the relationship is always hard, violent and abusive, but maybe the necklace that tied the two lovers in the previous books has a certain power over them in this third episode, also. Susan is jealous of James, because she found out he has had other girls while she was in the future along with her husband, but James is also jealous of Susan because of his friend and colleague Ian, who falls in love with Susan.

In the meanwhile, Alice, one of the Susan’s friends, meets only gay boys, while Joy, the luckier friend of Susan, is overwhelmed by an intense and unconventional sex relationship with sensual and charming Derek. In short, in The Necklace III, Linda S. Rice reached the heights of the narration power. Her writing style is strong, well paced and fast, up to the point to leave us breathless. With this book, the author showed a talent capable to build a story that, moving back and forth between the past and the future, provides us with an unforgettable glimpse about fabulous London of 1967 and about the deepest and most intimate human feelings.

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