Review of The Necklace II by Linda S. Rice

May 31, 2016

the necklace II coverA whirling story of love and hate. This time I can’t help but define this book this way. I am discussing about the second episode, or rather, the second book of The Necklace series, a time-travel romance written by Linda S. Rice. Last month I reviewed the first book, titled The Necklace the Dusky Club 1962, while today I have reviewed The Necklace II , which is subtitled: Back to Brighton, November, 1962. In this book, the main character, Susan, decided to back to the past along with her best friend John, who must pretend to be her brother.

When Susan came back to the future, indeed, into her present life, she remained obsessed by her first love James, the rock singer she fell in love with in her first time travel. Her obsession would be caused by the necklace she gave to James and forgot in the past. This object created an unbreakable link between them and to heal this obsession, she must come back to the past to retrieve just the necklace. This is, indeed, the initial plot which starts the entire book and I must admit the author has really challenged her same talent with this second book.

Enriched with a high emotional strain, The Necklace II brings us the same meaning of the first book but with a gripping angle focused on the insane relationship between Susan and James. In this book, indeed, James turned out to be an abusive and bossy man, one who slaps his woman, while Susan showed to be a weak girl and unable to free herself from the dangerous charm of her bad boyfriend. And think Susan is a sixty year old woman in a seventeen year old body. Her best friend, John, instead, has the role which was starred by Lynn in the first book.

John is not only the saviour and the guardian angel of Susan but also a guy fell in love with an Asian beautiful girl who had met in a library. Strangely, as soon as John and Susan has arrived in the past, also the girl, called Kiyoko, arrived in the past in the body of a teenager and injured in a mysterious accident.

During the story, John discovers the girl of his dreams is not who he believed she was. With this further reinforcement of the plot, the author fully achieved her end, namely that people we love can be different from our dreams.

And through this new insight,  readers can better focus on the true meaning of this time-travel romance, not only lust and burning passion between a normal girl and a singer on the path to the success, but a painful story where he forces her to submit to his perverse will. In this vortex of love, passion and hate,  the author highlighted a subtle, but great literary meaning in her book, namely never be the prey of an abusive man.

Moreover, thanks to an excellent style of writing,  the author has wonderfully outlined the devilish love story where the main character, Susan, has ended up, and this proves the great talent of Linda S. Rice. She defined herself as a self-published author, but I hope a publisher gets in touch with her very soon to publish The Necklace series traditionally.

It would also be wonderful if someone will make a movie drawn from this series. Indeed, environment, background and the arrangement of the plot recall another famous movie, namely Back to the Future by Robert Zemeckis. The story keeps you glued from the first to the last page. I must confess I couldn’t look away from the book and maybe I am also a little sad because I finished reading The Necklace II. Anyway, I am sure even readers will find that the story is really superb. Now, it is better you start reading this book, above all to discover if Susan will able to come back to the future with her dear pledge of love, namely: the necklace.

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