Review of The Necklace by Linda S. Rice

April 28, 2016

the necklace coverToday I am glad to review a book written by a talented indie writer. Her name is Linda S. Rice and her book is titled The Necklace. The work also has a subtitle: The Dusky Club 1962.  The Necklace is indeed  the first of the namesake book series about time travel. I must admit I found the book very amusing and relaxing, This is the typical book which fits for reading on the beach, in the summer, during your holidays.

Even though the summer is a bit far away from us, I imagined myself laid down on the beach towel or sat on the deckchair with sunglasses while I read the Necklace on my Kindle. To tell the truth, the plot of this fun novel is set, or rather, starts right with a holiday, a cruise between a couple of friends, Susan and Lynn. Both of them are fond of their youthfulness and of the mythical sixties. Today, indeed, they are two old women, at their first sixty years. Above all Susan, she never managed to forget her first love, James, the singer of a rock band. Today he is also an old, famous and wealthy singer, but in the past, he was awfully handsome and charming.

Susan would like to be in the past along with James, to fall in love with him, to try how their love would end up. Everybody knows it is impossible to come back into the past, but not for the plot of this book, which is a real fantasy novel like the one written by H.G. Wells and titled The Time Machine. Thanks to old friends who discovered a sort of sorcery to travel into time, Susan can really travel into time to see and reach her loved James. Unfortunately, today she is married with a loving man who even worships the floor where she puts her feet.

Despite this not less important detail, Susan accepts to travel into time, while Lynn checks out this travel through an app installed in her iPhone. When I said I found the book very amusing it is because the author has been capable to merge the past and the future in a fabulous fantasy story for adults. Susan has arrived in the past in the body she had when she was seventeen, hence, in this travel, the woman is young and beautiful. But in addition to this look, she is also returned virgin?

She has only a week to meet James in the past. As soon as the travel begins, Susan is catapulted in a smoky and dim rock club called The Dusky Club, in 1962. The environment is like the one of Grease, the famous movie with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, with guys dressed with jeans and leather jackets and grease and scruffy hair and adoring girls who want to get to bed with rocker James.

Susan is dressed like a nun and her favourite amulet is a necklace which will have an important role in joining the past and the future of James and her. The Necklace is well written, the descriptions about the past, the present and the future are perfectly outlined, the strategy of the iPhone App to control what is happening in the past between Susan and James is absolutely genial and in my view, it unveils a great meaning, namely we are all under control.

But the characters will manage to control their lust or sex crave during their trip in the fabulous 1960s? And Lynn will prevent Susan to be hurt by James by endangering what should then happen in the future? All these answers can be found by reading The Necklace, a book I consider welcome in the shelves of novels about time travel. Today similar plots are very rare and I am very happy for reading a modern book about this topic. The Necklace is really a wonderful fairy tale for adults with exciting twists and a breathtaking adventure in an unforgettable past.

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