the homecoming coverWelcome to Niceville, the village inhabited by evil. I can’t help but introduce this book with these words, because the story starts just in an apparently quiet American town where, suddenly, people become evil and commit awful deeds. I am reviewing The Homecoming, the book 2 included in the Niceville trilogy written by Carsten Stroud, a Canadian bestselling author who lived in the United States, also. I read the Italian edition of this book titled “ I confini del nulla” and translated by Michele Fiume. However, I would translate the title into English as “The borders of nothingness ”.


And what are these evil borders, the ones you find in Niceville, when a day an airplane fell on the village and where a team of common people robbed a bank overnight? Yes, it is evil in Niceville, but there are also the policeman Nick and her wife Kate, a lawyer who is taking care of a stranger boy called Rainey Teague, the latest descendant of a mysterious and ancient family who lived in Niceville before the Second World War. Rainey has been kidnapped and found by the policemen in a nearby cave, buried in a grave, but still alive.

After rescuing, Rainey takes a very strange behavior, he escapes the school along with his friend and corpses are always found in the same places where the boy arrives. Who is Rainey, a real boy or a possessed creature coming from another world? This is the big question that turns around this horror tale. For some shocking descriptions, this book fits only for adults. The plot is well engineered but the real emotional strain appears only in the initial stage of the novel and in the final one.

Hence, I advise you read the book during the holidays, because it has many pages and some chapters can be boring, but that is only for a few central chapters. After all, this is a very enjoyable summer reading to do during your holidays, while you are sitting under the sun umbrella and the beach chair. The tale is surrounded by strange murders, creepy apparitions, dead people who come back alive to commit evil and keep some awful secrets belonging to the main families of Niceville. To let you understand the great meaning of the book, I translated into English a sentence of the foreword written by Italian publisher Longanesi: “In Niceville, every family hides a secret that whispers from the borders of nothingness, sharpening its claws in the dark. In Niceville, nobody can escape the void”.

Every angle of the city is invaded by a dark, cruel and murky energy, the same one that invades every person who inhabits its alleys and an ancient manor, the old house where the ancestors of Rainey Teague lived and committed untold crimes and rapes. Yes, this book contains perverse and well written literary twists in a growing emotional strain that, just as a mysterious energy, takes readers toward a gripping and amazing conclusion.

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