Review of The Elijah Calling by Ken Mentell

September 30, 2015

theelijahcallingcoverAt last, another very interesting religion book to be reviewed. The title of this work, namely an essay, is The Elijah Calling: The Hidden & Revealed Messiah!, written by Ken Mentell. The work is an e-book with over 400 pages describing the origins of the Christian Religion and the reasons that led to modern Christianity to change many rules of the Old Testament. In this book, the author wants to drive everyone to discover the real meaning of Religion, that doesn’t have to be a sham or hypocrisy as the Pharisees did during the time of Jesus, but an inner belief.

To better clarify these changes, the author quotes many excerpts of the Gospel. However, this kind of reading can be hard for not native English speakers, because the English translation of the Gospel contains a sort of ancient English that seems more similar to another language. During this reading, indeed, I have also found words such as “thou” and “hath” that the English dictionary explains perfectly, but that, I repeat, can be unintelligible for a not native English speaker.

The quarrel, between Jesus and the Pharisees, was always on to follow Moses’ law or not. But Jesus explained that He didn’t come on the earth to change the law but to improve, because it is not what enters into the heart of men to corrupt them, but what comes out. Idolatry, lies, fornication, adultery and each kind of evil and malevolence, indeed, come from the heart. The Pharisees, indeed, that rightly Jesus defined as whited tombs, follow the rules of Moses’ law to perfection, just as circumcision.

According to the Pharisees, only circumcision lets to be saved and to be sons of God. While not circumcised persons cannot be saved and remain in a sin condition. Jesus reverses these silly theories fully, and this is the greatest new of this great prophet that is also the Son of God. It is indisputable, that the character of Jesus is revolutionary, both for believers and not believers. And in his book, Ken Mentell shows just this. Through this book, readers can discover the real face of Jesus, his blessed words and many valid rules to live a real and religious life also on this planet, because hell and paradise can be also found on the earth.

All depends on the behaviour of the human beings. The Elijah Calling is the book to be read when you are thirsty of faith and truth. Continuing reading the book, other important truths will be revealed and I can assure that the book is a work written from the heart and faith, it is a heartfelt call to grow an inner faith instead of an external and false attitude that serves only to let others believe you are what you can never be: a perfect person.

Only Jesus was and is perfect and as Ken Mentell said in the book, thanks to his perfection can reveal the real meaning of faith and love of God for every person. Furthermore, the book is pleasant to read, the style of writing is placid and fluent, never shallow or flat, but always focused on the main topic of the work: Jesus and the truth that only He can reveal.


  • Kathie February 2, 2016 at 04:03

    During this reading, indeed, I have also found words such as “thou” and “hath” that the English dictionary explains perfectly, but that, I repeat, can be unintelligible for a not native English speaker.

    I don’t agree with your “unintelligible for a non native English speaker”. I am a very intelligent English speaker and I understand it quite well. I would expect that if you are not a King James reader one would have a little difficulty but to say its unintelligible is false.

    • Rosalba Mancuso February 2, 2016 at 16:25

      Thank you so much for your comment, Kathie. Unfortunately, some readers who follow my posts are not native English speakers and I always try to explain the meaning of some words to these people, also. I am sure about your understanding, now.

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