Review of the Certain Hope by E.C. Jackson

February 6, 2019
The Certain Hope by E C Jackson

This is the first romance novel that gave  me the goosebumps.  The plot is about the  love story of two thirty  year guys who decided to marry after only two weeks of dating.  The main characters of this much chatted wedding are Tara and Luke

Both of them lost their parents tragically. Tara’s parents catch a disease during the first travel of their life.  Indeed,  returned  home,  they get sick and die in a very short time.  The parents of Luke, instead,  died  in a truck accident.   

The future spouses are two lonely people, with a problem : Luke is a bossy companion, but Tara pretends to accept the dark side of her new love.   I greatly appreciated this reading and the way of the author to face the topic of loss and the consequences of this wedding. A hasty wedding made to fill the gap left by a tragic death.

The tone of voice of the author  is heartfelt and seasoned with  religious sentences.  Thoughts about faith and God surround the various chapters and make them  really poignant.  I remained more and more involved by the novel, chapter after chapter,  and  consider it as the best novel to read for Saint Valentine.

Title of the book: The Certain Hope

Author: E.C. Jackson

Publisher: E.C. Jackson

Pages: 261

Available on Amazon.

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