Review of The Biggest Secret by David Icke

August 19, 2014

the biggest secret david icke coverAliens coming from the space, giants who lived on the Earth together with men. These are the shocking disclosures contained in a book written by an author we consider as a new hero of our age: David Icke. This author is a British journalist who attempted several times to spread some truths about religion, the world creation and control of mind. The book, titled “The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World ”, provides, through its 517 pages, some explanations to several issues that relate to the origin of man, the managing of political power and the birth of some movements known like mystery associations.

The volume is split into twenty one chapters, where Icke explores several upsetting and shocking sides of human life. The first chapters open telling about the invasion by some aliens called Reptilians. These creatures took the human form, according to the book author, and today they would be hidden inside the body of famous people. In the central chapters, David Icke affirms that the most powerful men that control the world could be reptilians.

The author seems one with no fear and reveals the names of these persons. According to Icke Reptilians would be an Us President and The Queen Elizabeth, whose the name would be the code of E-Lizard, where Lizard indicates a common reptile. Many tales reported in the book are only theories and probably even libel, for this reason we say that Icke is a hero.

Maybe these powerful persons have accused the author to lie and have sued him. We don’t know. Surely, The Biggest Secret must read with an open mind, with no prejudice, but, above all, only if you are a quiet and calm reader. The emotionally fragile people could be badly damaged by this reading.

Another shocking part of the book relates, in fact, to the story of the Brotherhoods. Who or What are they? The Brotherhoods were born in ancient Babylonia and would be the ones that, under the control of the Reptilians, handled the birth of the major religions in the world. We were very shocked reading that the most important religions and deities in the world have a similar origin. For example, Horus, the son of Isis, an Egyptian deity, was born of a virgin and inside a cave just like Jesus. Horus made miracles like Jesus and we have to affirm that the chapter about Religion was uncanny for us. This myth didn’t take us off the faith, fortunately, but, perhaps, the Christian religion should be written in a different way and without to get ideas from other deities.

The Biggest Secret is a book that can have a strong impact on our emotions and feelings. Some issues, like the one about Religion, should be more depth, others are clear hypothesis with no foundation or investigation. The second edition of The Biggest Secret is also updated with the background of the murder of Diana, Princess of Wales. In the final chapters, David Icke came back to be a journalist, reporting some interesting facts about the death of Diana and Dody Al Fayed.

To read an excerpt  of the second edition of the book, click the link below:

The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World (Updated Second Edition)

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  • Danny Rose September 5, 2016 at 07:42

    Jesus born in a cave?? Who allowed this to be published?

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