Review of Soul Theory by Subhendu Das

March 17, 2017

soul theory coverThis book has had a tremendous impact in my mind, because, among others, faces some of the most burning topics of our time, such as economic crisis, the endless and sinister power of central banks and how to retrieve a peaceful life in a moneyless economy. I am talking about Soul Theory, the free e-book written by Subhendu Das, an Indian author who lives in the US. And it is just for this clear clash between the birth town of the author and his life in the Home of the Western world that it is born a book focused on the topic I mentioned above. Truth to tell, the book is focused on typical Indian topics, namely the importance to listen our soul, the reincarnation and yogi power to defeat the awful distortions caused by the modern world, a world, that, unfortunately, has been founded on the money power and the power of the Central Bank, shortened in CB by the author. According to the point of view of the writer, political wars, economic crisis, religion wars, mental illnesses, body diseases are all caused by the money power. I agree fully with him and accept this point of view that in my personal view is the only truth which can explain the awful vicissitudes of our world.


The book, that in reality is titled” Your soul is talking to you. Listen carefully and you will be able to hear”, shortened in Soul Theory for a practical end, keeps a fundamental message, namely that to live a better and peaceful life, we need to discover the relationship with our soul. The human soul is a part of Nature and just for this it is capable to lead us to an inner resurrection, which is also an excellent source of health and wellness. The power of the soul is natural, while the power of money is not natural, because money is printed by the Central Bank and hence it can’t be natural. Money is out of nature, while the soul is in nature, it was created by God and it is a pure energy of the Universe. Unfortunately, humans forget this rule, also called by the author conservation law and sigma law. Unfortunately, humans focused their entire existence to pursue achievements only linked to money. But if money is out of nature, also those who live only for money become not natural and false. From this concept, the author listed a long chain of false myths that I call “the false myths of the Modern World”. A person who follows only the money power is false, such as central banks, they are also false, governments are false because they are controlled by the Central Bank and are made unable to help their people. The lust of money makes also human relationships, false, even the ones with parents, friends, relatives and colleagues. The only solutions to this human disaster is to listen to our soul. It belongs to nature and the universe, it is in us, in our mind and can control our physical body, also. The soul controls mind and body, but mind and body can’t control the soul. It is an external source. The author says that the soul is an external source that we received soon after our birth. According to the conservation law, where nothing can be created and destroyed, the soul travels into several bodies and this can explain reincarnation.


I am not fully persuaded by the reincarnation theory, but the examples reported by the author above, all the ones related to children capable to remember their past lives, were really impressive. To help readers in understanding the falsity of money and the truth of the soul, the author also used mathematic formulas. I preferred to skip these pages, even though I believe they were interesting, because some equations proved that the rules of numbers are false and seen that money is also made of numbers, this is also false. Excellent the chapter about the creation of the Economic crisis. I live in Italy, a country in the Euro Zone, which was also severely damaged by the economic strategy of the European central bank. Indeed, the central bank he author mentioned in the book can be related to several central banks of the world. The rules they follow are also the same ones, namely control governments, lend them money at a high interest rate and to transfer wealth. The main role of central banks is just the one to transfer wealth. According the law of profit, the main law of capitalism, it is impossible to get a win-win condition. There is always one who loses and another who wins. Hence, when central banks, which print money to lend, impose their rules, they do this to win and gain more power. At the same way, the economic crisis has been created to make some groups richer and others poorer. For central banks, money is free, because these banks can print all money they wants.

Money is not free for people and governments, it is a central bank that decides how much money to lend. We must also remember that the central bank is private, it is ruled by private hands and it is out of control of governments. In this way, only a few persons can have much money, while entire people have little money to survive. If people are forced to work hard to gain money, they are also made weak and addicted to the need of money. When a central bank lends money to governments, with a high interest rate, it makes also governments weak and unable to create richness and jobs to its people. All this caused unemployment, despair, depression and suicide. Democracy, equality and rights claimed by central banks are false, in reality. S

ince the money of a central bank is free, if money was also free for people, such as in a moneyless economy, the worst consequences of money power would be definitively destroyed. I really appreciated the point of view of this author. He, perhaps, put too many things together in a unique book. But I would say that he reached the purpose to show the enormous contrast between soul and money. The stunning meaning of the book is that if we listen to our soul, that is a part of nature, we’ll gain wellness and wisdom, if we’ll follow money, we’ll get suffering and frustration. I still remember the words of a famous Italian singer who said: “Money is the consequence of a good project, a reward to a good idea or a good job. It is a mean, not an end”. This book teaches to hear the voice of the soul rather than the one of the lust for money. It is a good mean to gain wisdom and peace.

Writing style

I understood every single word of the book. The writing style is clear and easily understandable.


Four stars. I would like to give five stars, but I found hard to read the chapters about maths equations.

Suitable for translation into Italian?

Yes. The book faces topics that are very interesting for Italian readers.

This is a free ebook that readers can download here.

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