Review of Smart ways to make money by Ed Strada

August 3, 2015

When I started reading this book I thought It was needless. Admittedly, I read this book randomly, because I had to go on holiday with my husband (for a few days), indeed I was unable to update this blog last week, namely my blog of book reviews (translations and promotions). I downloaded the book on my smartphone (A thing I never do because I read only from my tablet or paper books) and like a spell, I found myself reading a book titled” Smart ways to make money” by Ed Strada.


The book is listed in the business category of, the most important online platform of free ebooks. This is, hence, a free ebook. I like the name of the author because it resembles the one of a famous actor. Do you remember Erik Estrada? The main protagonist of the TV movie “Chips”?. This author is called Ed Strada and in some a way he remembered me Eric Estrada. Anyway, I am here to speak about a book not about an actor.

The book written by Ed Strada tells about various ways to make money. Tips and advice occupy most of the pages of this book, which is very short, but with some very useful chapters. The ones I consider as very important are those devoted to how to save money. Many examples are suitable for American people only, such as, for instance, suggestions about to save health insurance and avoid scams in this field. In the book, Ed Strada tells about how medical insurances make agreements with doctors to increase the charges patients must pay.

This is a very expensive way to heal our own diseases, but the author explains that needless charges can simply be taken off by sending a request to own doctor. Money saving is one of the smart ways that the author suggests to keep your money in your pockets and not outside. Other suggestions relate to energy saving, such as to learn use stoves and heat devices at the best, in order to lower energy waste or a smart use of credit cards or to respect all payment deadlines in order to lower credit card rates.

Money saving is necessary to have an initial cash flow to invest in creation of passive income. This is the most interesting stage of the book, even because we are struggling with the darkest and dreadful, global financial crisis of all times, this crisis limits and reduces more and more opportunities to find new jobs and earn money. Passive income, according to the author, can be created in several ways, with smart financial investments, with a new and innovative business online and so on.

But at the same time, the author warns about the illusion on passive income: before to get a passive income and a consequent financial freedom, you must work hard, maybe for a long time. But unlike of traditional work, the modern one allows you to stop working before you get retired. If you want to have more information about smart ways to make money and get financial freedom, read the book I just reviewed. It costs nothing because it is free! It is, rather, the first step to save money and learn something more about those solutions to make money in a time where it would be impossible to do.

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