Review of Sculpting Revenge by Mihir Jaiswal

February 27, 2019

This book made me come to my mind the unforgettable movie titled Ghost,  with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. Do you remember? He has been murdered by a hitman and appears  to her while she is working with a pot of clay.

In  the novel, the hitman is a cop who kills a black guy, Dave. The girlfriend who  talks  with the ghost is Arianna, an Italian sculptor. 

Set between Italy and the US, the Scuplting Revenge is a well written novel about the always burning  topic of racism  and the murders of black people in the US by white cops.  I loved the tender writing style of this author. I felt his sweet personal story in the book, the one of a guy born from Indian and German parents. They have died and left this guy on the streets of Philadelphia.  He met Arianna on the Eve of the New Year.

She called him “ Black Sugar” , but  he teases  her,  saying that these are racist words, but he talks with the smile on the lips. Until to the day of the murder, accomplished by a cop.  A planned death?   Arianna thinks about her revenge carving the sculpture of her loved Dave.  I loved the tenderness of this novel, the delicacy of the dialogues, permeated by a deep love for life and justice. That is a novel to think about Equalitarism and Freedom, but also to discuss about the brutal murders against helpless people done by police officers.  

Title: Sculpting Revenge

Author: Mihir Jaiswal

Pages: 214

Available on Amazon

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